A Walk on my island.

When describing Galveston I can best do so by “ An island off the coast of Texas that steps into the Gulf Of Mexico where Hurricanes have happened and communities have rebuilt. An Island that ahs a Down Town District full of top of the line restaurants such as Rudy & Paco’s ( the most elite , strict dress code and all) , Gumbo Bar for some amazing Gumbo, Salt Water Grill with the worlds best BBQ Redfish over grits and my absolute favorite Lobster Bisque and Shrimp/lobster tacos lunch special for only $10!

There is MOD Coffeeshop where you feel as though you’ve stepped right into a movie set, comfortable atmosphere and a wide variety of friendly and talkative people. Often playing live family friendly and free music on the weekends . There are a multitude of Art Galleries to walk from one to the next to the next here…From The Artist Lofts often held special events to Art at MOD to The Jennifer Peck Gallery to The Artists Residency to DesignWorks Gallery and Elizabeth Punches Studio among more…so many more! Then often you’ll walk into town to find ArtWalk Weekend happening…a night of elite happiness , toasts of wine and new art in all the galleries, Live Art of street corners, music everywhere and then…yes there is more, among the souvenir shops and restaurants and art galleries there are the many live music venues of all kinds to meet just your perfect tastes from Club 21 to Yaga’s for fun dancing to Vanishing Point for a Hipster feel….and still…Down Town Galveston’s worth and Value continues to the beautiful Architecture r to enjoy for free, many picture taking opportunities and a beautiful Harbor to walk along and enjoy lunch at as well…or even a boat tour to see our dolphins!

And I’ve yet to mention the beaches…remember now…we live on an island. Beaches, bike riding, fishing, sailing…


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