What I wish to accomplish in California as of now.

What I wish to accomplish in California

Dear California,
Hello there sunshine…it’s been awhile and soon we are to meet again. I came to you a girl and left somewhere in between….but come back to you as a woman.
Our last relationship was fantastic I must say…I couldn’t change a thing about it ( well, the ex-husband but surely not the man and the love and experience itself) and we had some very fun times. There aren’t actually any regrets. I think our dance went well and scored high.
But when I come back, I come back with a plan of action. A goal in mind and that is something I wandered through you before completely without letting your Santa Ana winds send me wherever they meant.
There are a few things. Before I come to you I will have a job and a temporary ( not past a few months) location set up for living . I will have accomplished a lot and likely be in need of a second…or third wind of the year. You will be that wind yourself I imagine. Before coming to you I will have a few bikes, a jeep, my dog and a camera and a new laptop ready to fill up with my writings.
I will have sat down and figured out a bit of a sketch for the first twelve months I will be with you .
But even now I have a plan…a bit of one and one that will over time build and change but for now this helps me have focus on a few things, remember as I often forget things in my busy mind .
When I come to you. I want to first settle into work and life. Get back to walking on your beaches, running in your mountains and re-charge on my health and workout plans of the year. Settle my pup in and re-acquaint myself with area restaurants to haunt with my dog at my feet on the patio’s of many and my book in hand.
I want to have camera ready as I have lost much of this part of you over time.
Want to gather with old friends and meet new people. New inspirations for new projects…that’s a big thing…what’s next?
I want to search for an A-Frame house, meet inspiration for Small footsteps and build the second part of the foundation of small footsteps in CA .
I want to enter the art community of CA and explore much, introduce a lot and be a part of and write for.
I want to start a fresh list of writing projects.
I want to begin thinking of 2014 and what it will bring.
I want to visit gardens and garden myself and learn of much that grows there and spot the many purple flowers and drive among the poppies to the beach.
I want to play and dabble my writing in the world of entertainment…as in film.
I want to find my A-frame, work, save and buy and remodel.
I want to go with architecture in mind this time…as it wasn’t quite last time. Art Deco excites me!
I wish to camp a LOT and travel and explore the vineyards.
I know I am slightly vague. It’s too far ahead to know all of my writings and projects and I will have much finished before I leave my island. This will change with time….but for now I have an idea. I want to take advantage…not live to work and work to live and get lost in the shuffle nor live where I am unhappy or in a cheap dark it works for me place…it MUST be fun and perfect and interesting and over time might be a few different try out’s . Do I want a house like my Cerritos house with it’s fruit tree’s and courtyard and burbur carpets and bright kitchen or do I want my loft apartment in the midst of it all downtown and hot tub right there every night?
Or to try something completely different? The choices….
And sailboats? A-Frame houses?
We shall see and then? On to Paris!


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