So far and so good.

It’s been a good long ride….
Ok well, it sounded good. But has nothing to do with what I’m writing.
Two months into the new year and it’s been a good one , however. I have my ally loft coming along ….a desk finally for a writer! And a little writing nook area where I have pinned on grey craft paper in black magic marker to the wall six feet high my to do list ,accomplishments and projects for the year 2013 . I have quotes and inspiring pieces of writing, mostly essays. I have a book list, an inspiration list and other items, I have upcoming new added projects and more on the wall. I have stacks on my desk to be read…to do…to file away…and in the middle my purple notebook laptop sits underneath the little black desk lamp. Newfoundland dog at my feet when I write.
The kitchen is getting there too…my newest pride being a stainless steal prep tables I picked up from a closing café.
And more. I even began…began slightly though it is…the painting of the baseboards.
Work is good, I work sixty four hours a week at one job…eight hours for Mr. Jones and then there is school and writing…and in there cleaning and decorating and walking the dog and eating and even a shower or two once in awhile…ok ok every day. I also , now that the weather is shaping back up after our two harsh cruel weeks of winter here on the island, have been back to bike riding with my little yellow 1970’s and it’s new ( used for a buck or two at a garage sale) basket on the handle bars that makes my grocery getting flow with much ease. Now if the headwinds could calm…
And cooking, movies and hanging with my friends or B…it’s been a good year thus far and keeps looking up.
I am happy and proud of my friends in their own accomplishments in their own projects…a painter in her studio and a curator making art happen on the island among more…I feel engulfed in positive forward movement and art as well…feed the mind. Feed the body. Feed the soul…feed the culture.
You’ll see a lot from me this year…and there’s news too! Moving back to California in October! Oh yes yes…much will unfold in the upcoming months…and times…and moments of space.


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