walk brave all the pain inside my head
know no mothers love
no mother to my son
in the wind and on the ground
nowhere but my mind his cries can be found
in chains my empty arms have been bound
break free
only you won’t let me forget the sound
doors banging metal , my freedom bound
your depression in my way my love can’t be found
but I have to step around to higher ground
not making a sound my tears slide down
never the truth will come around
your memory too lost to be found
don’t cause the ripple, tread or drown society doesn’t like the sound of cries as I slip down, would prefer me to drown.
burn the gown, pearls broken, scattered, but my neck not bound
blood on the ground you push me down don’t want me to stand but my message is profound
lack of justice can’t keep me bound
stuck here, can’t make my way west bound
face it, stick around. see this superwoman fly, lift off the ground
truth isn’t gag bound, bag tied, buried in the ground
no damn time to play around. Searching the best in life like a hound
but never forget bed bound
chain bound
jail bound
silent number count
soul can’t make a sound
guilty until guilty found
like file in a cake found red tape bound and liars crowned
all expect me to stay fallen to the ground but better expect superwoman sky bound
stand outside, church God still not found
my whole world came crushing down
sink or swim but not ever gonna drown