A Kind Of Single Cat Lady

Day 18 of 30. Essays ” The Life of Peggy. A thirty-three year old, Kind Of Single Lady.”
Maybe I am slightly insane. I am most definitely awkward. I imagine all aspects in life with No Pants on.

My week as a single crazy lady with seven cats

My neighbor saved the mama and her kittens. My other neighbor took them on because neighbor one had a dog stressing out the mama. I took them on because second neighbor had a mother coming into town and didn’t want her to freak out. So sure. I took them on. Foster them. I have no reason not to. I can do it. Why not? I am not keeping any. Not a single one. Not a chance. No.

Then I named three of the six kittens by day two. However my parenting skills in the naming department might show a great deal of what my real life human child parenting skills might be. Meet Karate Kitty, Jui Jitsu Kittay ( both said in terrible karate movie voice style) and…Big Head Kitty.

Yes. If I pushed a good eight pounder out of my vagina…that kids name is going to be Big Head Davenport. Better believe it.

They wheren’t so bad, these cats. Until the terrible smell of the litter box assaulted my nice clean home. And the kittens CRY SO MUCH. Little crybabies they are, the buggers, really. I mean they cry and cry…mama can barely leave them for a second…her poor nipples sore from constant kitten feedings. And so waking up to crying babies and seeing sore mama nipples I felt absolutely zero need of birth control. I was never having children. Even cats were too much. And at least I could just put some food and water down and leave them to spend my day at the coffeeshop….a real deal child would have to be dealt with…take with me…babysitter…schools…it’s not like it could be left in a closet, even with fresh food and water and a clean litter box put down! Children are truly exhausting …was my thought day one as I closed my front door behind me and set off for my every-loving single childless lifestyle down town.

Daily these little guys grew on me, but not enough to want to keep one. Though I still dearly missed my Gilbert and Jolt, my dog and cat lost from my life the year before.

I soon discovered that when I came home mama kitty would come running…meowing and talking away…very much a housewife stuck home all day with the kids when her other half gets home at the end of a long hard work day….she was desperate for some love and attention….wanting pettings as I sat on the toilet even! ( little sas realized I couldn’t really get away) but she talked and talked until my head hurt…all I wanted was a few minutes of quiet …even setting to do my yoga she would get underfoot and chatter chatter chatter. I imagined her complaining about being home with the children all day and that it was now my turn.

I did give them each plenty of cuddle and pets and attention to better them for their next home. The least I could do was to not totally screw them up and set them for a life of a therapists couch.
However , karate kitty often would leave the pack and I would pick him up as he found himself the middle of the room…and then got lost…and proceeded to not cry…but rather to SCREAM until I came along and put him back with the pack and mother feeding him. Until finally one day I stood over him and lectured him on the importance of learning his own way back if he should continue to insist to venture out. Tough kitty love. Until I relented.

But then neighbors mom had left town and she missed them, loved them and wanted them back….so…why not? Smelly crying little buggers.

It’s a bit quiet at home now and I wonder to take a visit downstairs just to see how they are doing.


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