Sail Today. Save Tomorrow.

Day 5 of 30. Essays ” The Life of Peggy. A thirty-three year old, Kind Of Single Lady.”
Maybe I am slightly insane. I am most definitely awkward. I imagine all aspects in life with No Pants on.

The shift in priorities today…not saving for retirement.
But did that mentality really help the last generation?

Our parents and grandparents were raised to…raise us. To save for retirement and to put us through college. Now, today college is taking a different course, or is in the place of shift and movement at least. The cost has sky rocketed and education has gotten out of control. The price of raising a child itself until the age of eighteen has done so as well. Milk and bread aren’t at all what they once were but the pay of a regular blue collar job isn’t matching it’s needs and demand. Rent or house ownership , car ownership and electric bills .

But today…we aren’t all just getting married and having babies and the American dream “Spouse, kids, house”, has shifted a lot. There are many not having children at all and college isn’t the only way. Entreprenuers are coming up and inventing more daily. Online careers, blogs, Etsy and more have given us many alternatives to creative jobs as well.

There are simply different priorities for us today. We work to live. We don’t live to work.

But is this a mistake?

Well…what has working to work and save gotten our past generations? Most can’t afford their medical even with assistance and talk of social security is constantly on the chopping block. Such an unsure way to live. Money we paid out of our own pockets that we own and yet…have the threat of not having. Most can’t afford retirement homes or retirement itself even if they worked hard and saved hard and did All The Right Things. Even in the end many college tuitions weren’t paid and houses were foreclosed and lost. There is a huge amount of the elderly who worked their fingers to the bone and have complete inadequate care to finish their lives. Family values have also shifted. We don’t build the grandmother cottages anymore and the cost of medications is far from covered by medicaid and costs often more than a house payment just to live.

What is the new way? How to fix the old way…or should we?

Do we live in a sail now, save later new world? What will our consequences be? In comparison to those who worked, saved and invested in All The Right Ways and who now…have not much to show for it in today’s Everything Costs Outrageous Amounts world?


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