She’s human too.

Day 16 of 30. Essays ” The Life of Peggy. A thirty-three year old, Kind Of Single Lady.”
Maybe I am slightly insane. I am most definitely awkward. I imagine all aspects in life with No Pants on.

She’s beautiful. And she can stink up a bathroom.

Even the prettiest girls are human. I saw this woman who was dressed so perfect, hair and jewelry. The whole nine yards. She looked straight out of a magazine. Then I walked into the restroom right after her…and it stunk SO bad….so…coming out I have a pretty awesome looking dude with a handsome flashing smile waiting…and the bathroom still stinks…but now he is going to think it was smelly from me…and then he comes out…I realize he’s with her…and probably went sat down and talked about how the girl before him stunk up the bathroom….all the while she won’t say a thing but the embarrassment still sinks in. Even the prettiest girls stink.


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