Stop chasing the dream. Start cultivating it.

Day8 of 30. Essays ” The Life of Peggy. A thirty-three year old, Kind Of Single Lady.”
Maybe I am slightly insane. I am most definitely awkward. I imagine all aspects in life with No Pants on.

Why is there always a ” where should you live?” quiz.

Making where you live where you want to live rather than “If I could live anywhere in the world it would be” Is different than where should you live.

I read articles about the reasons why a person, a woman in particular, should live where and I wonder if our reasons aren’t always fit for us. The typical reasons written or polled in studies and articles:

The job and paycheck:
The rent:
The men:
Healthy lifestyle:
Mental health:

As soon as we hit 18 we are out the door,suitcase in hand, er, at least I was. I lived in New York City and discovered myself…that I made my own choices…the smallest of all growings up. I spread my wings and tread lightly though. I didn’t learn any profound lessons and I enjoyed life itself…perhaps that was the lesson.
I ate what I wanted and I enjoyed a bit of running in early mornings. The good health and the bad. I wasn’t about drinking even when everyone would shove a martini into a 16 year olds hands without question. I enjoyed good foods immediately and most of my money and travel tourings went to finding the good stuff and critiquing menu’s.
I loved loved loved art and art in unusual places. I wrote a piece about the many stone Angel’s I’d find in New York. I learned how to travel and the art of traveling stylishly yet comfortably…though I never did learn to travel light and with less shoes.

Now I live on Galveston Island…a long story of how I ended up here via Sugar Land,TX. Houston St. in Manhattan and Burbank, California, but…I like it. I will admit, it’s a different breed of people. But I love architecture. I love flowers and gardens. I love down town living and I love being in walking distance of the beach and a fantastic coffee shop. (MOD) . I love that I can easily live a car-free lifestyle and also a small living idea. That there are community gardens, juice bars and Greek food.

But it’s not always easy. I , for one, deal with personal reasons that leaving would have been great. Leave. Start over. Fresh. Forget the humiliation and start somewhere else. But…I chose for several reasons to stay. One being. I simply love the island. It whispers to you like a lover. The sound of the ocean on a late night walk. Early mornings during February and March in the dense fog and walks past beautiful blooming gardens, jasmine in the sweet air. The sound of gulls over head and past old buildings full of character that can tell you more secrets than your creative mind could ever hold. Artists galleries or paint splattered artists walking dogs.All types of people riding bikes…wearing skirts, wearing scrubs, wearing suit and tie..wearing shorts.
To work in something that feeds the soul…to surf an evening in the gulf of Mexico.

This is the place in which I live. It lacks a few things…it doesn’t have a wide variety of restaurants…there is no Indian food on island and this is often heart breaking for A Car-Free Living Lady. Dating here…sucks. Just…sucks in so many ways . Small island. Small town. Gossip and well…small pool to choose from ,and…friendships just aren’t…what they are in other places of the world. Bars are a big thing here and so often friendships can become hard to come by for the non-bar soul. The island does have it’s down falls but still…no one place does not and I would trade some for others. I might be landlocked, higher rents, harder jobs, more people to compete with, less relax time way of thinking (we call it island time) no coffeeshop in walking distance or frankly filled with a bit too many hipsters and not enough diversity. All of it…everywhere…can have it’s own downfalls. And so I choose my down falls…I do hold hopes that one day the island will open an Indian restaurant…or I will meet a good Indian boy with a loves-to-cook-mother…or learn how to make my own samosas and saag paneer and as far as dating goes…I now foster seven cats. Need I Say more?

So…one can keep running to their happiness, chasing their dreams or one can make their home where they are and plant their roots and build and grow from there. Making where they are…home. From the girl who’s lived all over the country…this is now where I choose to be.


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