National Write A Novel Month : A month of writing and turkey.

Nation Novel Writing Month is coming up in November faster than that seems. For a writer there are endless days and never enough. For me I find that there is never enough morning to fit in a quiet sitting with coffee and reflecting, more coffee and reading and getting used to the idea of being awake. Then a run on the beach and some yoga and then a healthy breakfast to start the day. Never enough time for such things before it’s off to the races. The day job, the internet at the coffee shop that I don’t currently have at home ( nor do I have a desk or table to write at yet) I am taking the entire month of November off from work to focus entirely on this project for 2015. I have dabbled in previous years but working 64 hours a week at one job, 8 at another just didn’t leave me much time to balance it…especially the years I had a b/f who ended up taking much too much attention and time than I should have given. This year I am dating someone who thankfully gets shipped off to sea …or rather river at the moment. And who also understands that even if he is on land I am to be left alone. Someone who fully intends to give me my space. I tell him ” if you even make it as far as November to worry about it anyway.” My job allows me this year to do this as well. A time when serving at a restaurant with flexibility really does pay off plus my bills and rent paid for ahead. This summer has kicked my ass but the month of November will be well worth it all. My plan is to finish the first draft of a novel. Before November I will have sketched out idea and character as well as mostly the who what when’s and where’s or the story. I have developed this story over the summer as a walk past “The White Gate’s” had me constantly mulling an idea, forming a grain of sand into what I hope will one day reveal a pearl.
My schedule in this month will look such as :

7:am Beach Run
8:am Shower/etc
8:30-9 quiet and coffee
9-10 random stuff/typically cleaning organizing errands/etc.
10-7 Write.
7:pm Break/walk/eat/etc.
9-12-midnight: Write.

Something like that. However …as plans do go.

Likely I will stay in bed until noon, stumble about to put some clothes on and brush my teeth then walk to my local coffee shop a bit wild looking , sip two cups and go over facebook for about two hours that was supposed to have been just ten minutes and then I will decide I need food and then I will settle to write…but instead stare at the wall for three hours….start doodling and then read something laying within reach and then it will be dinner time and I will…because food calls me and my stomach rules me and then I will need some nice evening reading and dessert time sitting outside my coffee shop , MOD, then I will shower and get comfortable and settle in to write again and somehow a book will jump into my lap and before I know it I will be passed out at around 2:am until noon the next day and it will be Thanksgiving before I know it where I will struggle to write 50,000 words in four days time.


I will try for this discipline thing. Try…very hard.

I will remind myself how much I want to write as well as that I do not plan on serving at a restaurant or working crap jobs for the rest of my life nor do I wish to put the effort into a good paying but soul sucking job either.

Then I will contemplate life over another cup of coffee.

So far I have already built the idea. Or rather the idea came to me as walking to work I always pass these white gates on this cute little stretch of driveway and for whatever reason, as a writers brain works…we will “capture that image” and crop out all the surrounding and somehow start building a story…or a story starts building within us. Between working an exhausting job and the heat of summer as well as a new relationship I chose to put this off until November but to let the idea form and mold naturally over time before ever putting pen to paper.
So instead I am taking time to prepare for November and I went into reading how others prepare on the forum on and chose to sketch out things seeing that it was a norm. I am also reading this Summer Stephen King’s book on writingKing’s. I am sketching out the story, characters and whatnot. Making the plan, scheduled off from work and saving to have my bills paid ahead to sustain such a month and told my boyfriend to be prepared to just go work on the water that month and not see me at all.
Then I can use November to write rather than rushing right into it.

For me, Behind The White Gate is what is being written. I walk to work daily this summer passing this gate and a story conceived itself and just builds….nags and tugs as often and long as I really ignored it or just didn’t put any thought into it. The excitement grows . I have signed up on and read through all the rules and info and forums already getting excited and ready. I will update here for any to follow and see the story build and much I will share about the story along the way. Progress or process of trials and tribulations and somewhere in all of there some turkey.