The Changing Of The Shoe

It isn’t ALWAYS about the shoes. But sometimes…it IS. Like now. Because I am in a shoe-mood. I am always in a shoe-mood but today I am in a write about think about dream about shoe-mood. Usually I am in just the admire, dream about talk about and buy-about shoe-mood.

I have gone through a good many pairs of shoes and a great deal of type’s of shoe. I have had the mud-boots or riding boots that I pretty much spent my entire teenage years in. I have gone through the fashion-savvey high heels of my modeling career….a time when I learned that I have long legs and the power feel that walking through Manhattan in heels could give a young woman. The turn-heads feel heels can give a woman when walking in a room. That powerstride that you just don’t have in any other shoes.

Today I struggle with different shoes for different imes of day. For one. I walk everywhere. I also walk everywhere in Galveston Ilsnad which is not know for high heel shoe friendly walking. I’ve had a good plenty of shoe simply get eaten by these streets. But I also go from needing to walk comfortably for a few blocks…sometimes several blocks to being at a coffee shop to meeting a gentlemen for dinner and the switch-a-roo’s don’t happen easily…clothes or shoes. To sometimes have to run back home isn’t worth a change. But also…there is the heat in summer and cold in winter and rain in spring…and when it rains here it floods. Rather than be prepared with umbrella and rain boots you will find us with shoes in hand, pants rolled up sloshing through just to cross the street and drenched hoping that our laptops stay dry in our bags. Usually the wind also kicks up to be to much for an umbrella to help. And rain coats? Well ten minutes ago it was sunny skies and a bit too hot for that so…prepared is a never. In my day I may go from walking to coffeeshops to lunches downtown to bike riding to antique store shopping to dinner on the harbor to sailing to running on the beach all in a day…so changes of shoes are an often must. I think I spend mroe time changing shoes than actually doing any of these activities. So it is easy to fall into a casual all about shoe….that tends to be fit for biking, beach and boat but not so much for dinner in a nice skirt at times and I tend to not like falling into an all too casual dress-code personally. Nor do I like to carry more thqan the laptop and five books I already typically have on my shoulder so carrying a change of shoes may work for New-Yorkers but not so much for me.

Decor with Shoes.

Even Forbes find this something to talk about



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