A Car-Free Kind Of Life For Me

I went bike free in November of 2010 after I left my husband. I had often parked my car and gone without , preferring walking or public transport when available. Through NYC, Burbank,CA and even when I moved to Houston for some time I went car free but upon moving to the island I had somehow found myself by then back to being totally car-dependant so upon leaving it was easier not to fight for my things…I walked away in the rain and I just kept walking ever since. Now summer 2015 and I am still going at it. Public transport here is terrible and usually I get around by bike but I live and play down town mostly and the beach is a simple easy mile walk away as well. Work is only an 18 minute walk which in summer can at times be dreadful but so is the 5 minute drive it would take in a car that hadn’t even gotten a chance to cool down yet either so either way, walking has worked out. Five years of it this November and I don’t regret a moment. I do get off the island with friends and there isn’t any island to mainland transport to speak of ( there is a hospital to hospital location but there is a one mile on the side of a free way walk in there and the time doesn’t allow for much.)
There have been a ton of struggles and I had documented most of my time though lost all of that as well. However I will be back to it. Until I am ready to eventually have a vehicle again….and then also my writing will perhaps cover still not depending wholly on one when there is a bike or just a few easy blocks to go and the such traps that we fall into.

GAR even gives a bike for Island living in their program.

Big enough for even Forbes to write about.

Interesting on other aspects.


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