What Behind The White Gate could be…but isn’t…

Behind the white gate
Take 2

The house came up for sale…the house behind the white gates. At the end of a grassy drive the white house stood among a beautiful green lawn . I passed the gates a million times. Wanting to see the house behind it. I dreamt of this house. My dream house, every day all the time as I passed daily on my walks. The morning that I saw the sign in front I knew…I knew I had saved every penny for just this moment. I called up the realtor and put in an offer. Sight unseen. No. I did not want a tour nor to see the house . I wanted the house to be mine. These hard earned penny’s would be my dream finally…I knew my dream lay behind the white gates and I just wanted to hear that it was mine…the dream. And if I couldn’t get accepted for the house…then I didn’t want to shatter my dream as I walked by the white gates daily afterword. My heart would then not be crushed but continue to imagine and dream. And so I made an offer.

Three days later I was called and told my offer was accepted. I couldn’t breath. Was it happening? My dreams that I had worked so very hard for? And they all lay behind the white gates to what I could not see. I did hold high dreams. I did feel that they were held behind those gates. I had dreamt daily for years and today…today it was my dream come true.

I signed all the paper work and paid all the money and it took two weeks when the keys were handed to me. I went to the gates by myself. Driving and parking my jeep at the curb in front. I walked up the grass lined driveway with key in hand and breath held. I pushed opened the white gates behind which I had laid all my dreams and all my money and all my hopes. God…the thought of my dreams not actually being behind the gates didn’t even ever enter my mind…at all. No. It wasn’t possible. Because in my mind I had built my dreams to such a degree that…they would be there. I was sure of it.

I sucked my breath in deep and pushed on the gate hard and stepped into my dream….


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