Two for Tuesday ( On Sunday)

Kickstarter has 1,259 campaigns in the search of “writer” alone. So I decided to start doing Two for Tuesday and chat about two of my choices of projects that I personally liked. Now…there are many that I HATED and I would love to talk about those too…but the thought of crushing dreams hits some little spot inside of me. However..I may just start a “Tip’s ” Section of these too.

Oh heck…why not?

First…these things have me on the fence…perhaps because it’s blown up from awesome projects that take a ton of money to achieve and give ME some sort of entertainment to also covering people’s cries for rent…some are legit, absolutely…and some make me want to scream GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND GET A JOB!

Others make me think “Gawd…one more sob story” When I have my own…and others have me all “Sure you want to write full time…so do I! But in the meantime I write fulltime hours while I also serve tables fulltime hours too. You money mooching mongrels.”

But then then I think…who the hell am I to judge There are several huge companies that now run off of this…and employ people even! And thousands that even hit their goals. And plenty of more that try real hard. And watch…as soon as I paint myself into that damn corner that damn doorbell will ring and I will find some damn reason to be up on there myself with some damn project or another.
So then my guilty side does a little support of those who do it. Criticism and all.

So this Tuesday’s choices ( on Sunday because….I am ahead of schedule and that is a rare damn thing).

These Guy’s have reached their goal in just a short amount of time and a big number. Now they started with a large sum of private investment as well…really backing them up and getting them off with a good bounce to begin with. But I watch this video and I was really quite impressed. I like dorky, geeky (I mean this with all affection guys) , funny and dry and from the video alone I began stalking a bit on all other avenues to see more. This was something I wanted to learn about and watch! So…really cool to see they made their goal and will keep updated on seeing the finished product…keep your eye’s open for this project!

This Project by Katy Rex caught my attention. First…by the cover. I liked the set up, the art and the illustrations ,and, ok so I do buy books by their covers at times ( very few times am I really disappointed) . The video seriously annoyed me at first but quickly got past all the waving and I really liked the idea of the collaboration of artists. The writers and the illustrators as well as multiple writers from many locations. I do wonder how she goes about her research and what lengths she goes to gather her information of such an interesting writer as well as if she will do her justice by her research.
I do think that a novel of Jane Bowles is interesting, attention grabbing and something I would most definitely read. I also think that with all of the focus on sexuality in today’s news that perhaps the shine of “Queer” writers such as herself might be a good angle of the project and perhaps even good for those who are learning themselves that there are “plenty of others out there just like them” . We have Target changing their blue and pink colors of toy sections and Miley Cyrus and Caitlyn Jenner…why not shine a little light on writers ?

So now that I have fully stalked these choices on all parts of the interwebs and kinda want to take a shower myself…for them…you should check out some cool projects, even if you don’t donate to such things. Artists live by words…and fans that read them sometimes put bread and butter in their mouths.


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