Books Read By The Lady- BossyPants. ( I thought it was a book about me, close enough)

Type of review: Essays
Author: Tina Fey Book: Bossy Pants

Read cover to cover. Never a bored moment and I loved the stories in full. I loved the awkward growing stages and getting into the BIZ without being the “beauty” , parenthood when busier than busy . The straight forward talk and the creating process. Was a real fun and fast easy read for sure. I grew to appreciate and admire several people through this book more. Amy Poeler and Tina Fey both . Coming up as women and making it in such a tough man’s world. SHE made the TV show so many people watch. And the coming into the “Women are funny…and people too” on SNL movement right in the movement and time I really began watching it too. The political stance and take on and the different masks she puts on for her work while sticking to being HER. The mommy breakdown over finger nails just made her…I get her. Even without kids…sometimes mine is just that day when I can’t pull the coffee filters apart.

The one thing I would ask this author. Work life balance is a big thing…how do you relax? Husband/wife power struggle with success?
The weirdest place I read this book. In bed. Right after sex.
Thought on book or while reading. Who does your eyebrows because they actually look fantastic.
Who would I recommend. Every woman out there. This is a book for a feminist class hands down. A good book for a high school class ( so many would get it ) and every summer beach bag there is.


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