Books Read By The Lady- Cracks In My Foundation

Book Review: Essay/Short stories.
Author Marian Keyes: Cracks in my Foundation.

This is a book I purely bought for the cover and title. Looking for an easy peasy read. One thing is knowing she is from Ireland had me reading this with an Irish accent in my head. Love. Funny. Made every joke even funnier ( it’s an American thing) I loved the stories being so absolutely off the wall and admired the ability as a writer. The essays of traveling as a writer were hilarious. Her frizzy hair issues and high heels all the time. Even while hiking. Also a good book for writers to read as it gave some insight to life as a writer. I truly loved her explanation of being a writer with no children too ( hit close to home on that) This was a great read over coffee at my local hang out in the evenings , easy read, relaxed and had me laughing out loud from time to time…more times than not. Put this on your short attention span, easy read, make you feel better about your own life book list.

Recommend: My thought was my friend , Chris, for the Alien story for sure.
The one thing I would ask this author: Have you ever been to Texas and if so…what frizzy hair story from here do you have?
And did you ride a horse with high heels?
Weirdest place read? The dressing room at Ha Ba’s in Galveston.
Funny Story while reading : I was approached at the coffeeshop by a guy until he saw the title of the book and asked me if it was a self-help book. I replied , yes.


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