Books Read By The Lady- We Learn Nothing ( the title is a calling to me, I am sure)

  Book Review:Essays
Author Tim Kreider: We Learn Nothing

Fantastic…at first. The first half of this I loved , laughed and nodded my head in a very ” yep…yep I get you” style…but have to say it petered out on the second half…one because it was the same stuff just different story but two because I really felt like the author petered out…got bored with the project or something. Something as a writer I know well enough about. Totally a random essay book choice of mine too but have to say…even with the half a book I DID like the essays in the second half…just…got bored, over it, but no regrets as frankly the first half of the book was more than worth it and enough essays to make me happy with my purchase and I did learn a little from the writing style ( I always learn from what is not far off from my own because I feel I am on the right track writing as I wish.)

Recommend: To anyone wanting a good laugh read a few of the essays. Also good for the writer who feels they should be much more successful after their first “year” of writing….shows how much that won’t be true. Don’t plan on it and no…you are not behind the curve. A book you can put down and pick back up at anytime for a short essay read and not all at once.

Place: About five different restaurants on the island and a coffeeshop and at each place someone commented on the name of the book. But no really weird place.
Funny story: While reading this book at Mod Coffeehouse one day a gentleman asked me if I had learned anything . I said no. He asked why not? I was reading a book with a title to learn something. I corrected in my total resting bitch face that the title was ” We learn nothing.” He says ” I see that…so what did you learn?” sigh.

The one thing I would ask this author: How is your liver?


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