Who can feel this ? Worth a reblog for sure . I have far moved from poetry but I’ve really liked reading this blog. A mind can always be changed.

simple head girl

Pages and images of imaginations,give me peace.
Thoughts and words never break me into pieces.
The nib of the pen is connected to every inch of my soul.

I crumble and mumble,through pages and prahses.
I scatter and gather my thoughts into Poems.
I cry and shy when I write something that is close to my soul.

I tear,I get up,I give up,I mix up,When it’s so hard to convey,A story I freak up.
I wonder the encounter I had with my dark part,
I’m struck and enlightened by the magic when I write something from my heart.

It’s creative to the world,And close to my soul,
It’s beautiful for the world,But my life in words to me,
My brain is on a break,when my heart connects with a page.

PS- Don’t you all writers feel the same way?

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