Two For Tuesday! ( On Tuesday this time)

Of course this is a like for the fact that…I love a good writers residency but also because of the fact that Joe and I have both been talking of refurbishing boats ( barges and sails) and doing some time out of the water…me writing ,of course. But this is also a new angle than I have seen for residencies as well as the look around the cost of real estate mentioned in the video. Basically when it comes to art…nothing stops. Again, an inspiration. Should this succeed perhaps in the future it will be something I would apply to as well. I am looking forward to their success and their final showing of the works accomplished at sea by these writers. The fact that much leg work is accomplished before the start of Kickstarter ( and not just starting with the “oh hey…I have this great idea”) is also a testimony something on a higher playing level.

Enter MUSIC into the Kickstarter search category and you will come up with an obviously popular place to go for getting the job done….at least the funds to do them, with a whopping 47,864 project hits.

There is also a lot of crap to swamp through. And how many music studio’s need to be out there?! You still have to bring on the good music and the cost of running a studio…this…won’t make you famous. And why not collaborate with others in the music industry who already have an existing studio? And then record your music? I am not anti-studio but wow…the swamping that I did today a lot of “Der…hi…I’m a singer and I wanna open my own music studio.”

Young At-Risk-Ladies
Ok finally something MORE than sparked my interest. Not only have I been reading article after article of women in the film industry these days but…at-risk young women getting a chance and they seem really well put together already…so….a most definite choice for my Two For Tuesday pick of kickstarter mentions.

An honourable mention goes to this gal…because I REALLY loved her artwork. Artist


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