Personal Blab’s of A Kind Of Single Lady : Family Headaches.

The Life of Peggy. A thirty-three year old, Kind-Of Single Lady.
Maybe I am slightly insane. I am most definitely awkward. I imagine all aspects in life with No Pants on.

Family. Seriously . Do they all cause a headache for you too? Do you also want to run until the ocean stops you and hide from them? I mean not in the most obvious of ways and you still communicate and talk to and love and even help provide ( in all big sister ways ) but not…be wrapped up in them either. Not be entangled in the family drama. Not even hear the gossip that surrounds , comes from or thrives within. It’s exhausting. It’s tiring. I have a headache. My head literally hurts this past week just involving my family . I am constantly emotionally tired and want to lay down and sleep and when I do sleep my dreams are filled with my mother ( Whom I do not speak to since I got back from “Tahiti ” , going on eight months now). And whom fills my dreams at odd times in many odd ways. I usually do not remember anything but the lingerings of the feelings of oddness and confusion that surround them…but in the morning waking they are thin mists that depart and elude an actual image in my memory.


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