Personal Blab’s of A Kind Of Single Lady : Have to play the lottery to win the lottery.

The Life of Peggy. A thirty-three year old, Kind-Of Single Lady.
Maybe I am slightly insane. I am most definitely awkward. I imagine all aspects in life with No Pants on.
I would like to make money at this writing thing. It’s hard.
I mean for one thing it’s like playing the lottery…if I wish to make it…I have to write it…and when I write it…I then have to submit it. To win one must play the game.
The idea’s come, the least of the problems …the sitting down to put it all out on computer screen…not always so much…the submitting to chance….even less so.
I must I must I must. I nearly not wish to take another job to “pay the bills or make the extra cash” because it would not only take my time away from writing but also take away my motivation to succeed in my writing. And for me part of writing success will be living off of my writing…not just writing the great word that people might like to read…the next most awesome thing. This girl likes shoes. Nice shoes.


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