My Current Projects In The Works. Interested ?

Personal Project’s in current work: 

* In My Mind: An Art Study of Awareness of Mental Care and Attention.  Inludes research of mental health, mental health care and   lack there-of in Mental Illness. Producing film, photography  music, writing, visual art, public shows and collaboration  between artists and doctors as well as people who carry mental illness.

* Brides : An Art Study of Marriage. Inludes research in marriages and relationship. Divorce. Suicide and murder. Collaboration with artists in film,  photography, producing photoshoots, film, music and public art shows. Turning writing into visual art. 

* The Glass Between: A Dance Of Lovers.  A production of modern ballet of lover’s who cannot be together. 

* Everything I Know Nothing About: Book. Relationships.  A book to help others laugh through divorce. 

* Mr. Jones: Novel . Two lives parallel . One of a young woman in her early thirties learning the  lesson’s of life as she lives them and another of an older retired gentleman who watches in silence as she does so, who has done it himself. Mistakes  and all. But one must live their own to learn.  

* Behind The White Gates: A 2015 NaNoWriMo Novel.  A young woman must learn her way through life with the help, lessons and observation and advice from surrounding women of far different personalities.

* Life Is Textured : An Art Study of life being different…and that’s what makes it lovely. 

* i On Artist’s: An Art Study of life through the lens of an iphone on what artists’s bring to the community.  

* White Butterfly: Book: Story of a woman before jail, in jail and after jail. A story that also enlightens the prison system. 

* Travel America : A young woman who travel’s American by Airstream which she  refurbished herself.

* Travel The Blue : A young woman who travel’s The Blue Waters of the South Islands in a sailboat she refurbished herself. 



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