Life Is Textured. 1. Textures found in the oddest.

Life Is Textured is a project that I started with seeing all the hate and discrimination and racial fighting and people fleeing from countries for their beliefs ,religions and faiths.
How will I react? Was a question…more of a feeling…that awoke me one day. I took a walk and saw that life is made up of so many differences. Differences that we fight against, and some few that we fight for but differences that if we didn’t have, life would simply be without texture. Boring, bland and white washed. If Hitler had his way art wouldn’t exist. Entire people wouldn’t exist. We fight about language but languages spoken make up this world. A Spanish Lover can tell the grocery list and make it sound sexy. Arabic poetry of coffee alone is beautiful, a world without the voice of Sean Connery would be dreadfully less sexy. Without being able to sit in a group at a coffeeshop with friends that are Sikh, Jewish, Christian, Agnostic, Athiest, Muslim and more I would have lost out of great conversations and views of the world. Debates that became heated between friends which ended with a hug and a “see you next time” rather than a bullet or a fight. Without black ,we would have no Maya Angelou . Without Japanese ,my latest trip to the museum would have held much less wonders of the art of warriors and detail. Without Arab I would not know the beauty of my favorite horse or some of my favorite poetry. Without Polish I would not have grown up with the great foods of my stepdads grandmother. Without diversity we would have blander stories, blander books, Blander music, blander society. Blander foods.

Texture is what makes up life. Texture in our stories. Texture in our histories. Texture that cause the pleasing to our eye’s and sing to our hearts through art, music, life, lovers and more.

Texture is color. Texture is different facial expressions. Texture is a story of a life we don’t know. Texture is music . Texture is different from one to the next that combine and make it all. Texture is what makes life.













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