Nano Prep Time. 1.


October 1st: NaNoWriMo Preparation for November.

The time has come . That time a month before the day to begin and I have spent the summer rolling out the story.
NaNoWriMo is a great motivating tool for writers. I worked on it privately about three years ago. Most first novels are not published ,but I am still working on mine to be, Mr. Jones.
One day, one day. I won’t give up.
However this year I began rolling another story around my mind. I often find inspiration from a sight that just…gets me…and begins a story. This one was a set of white gates at the end of a driveway. I never even looked at the house they belonged to for about three months. Daily on the way to my bill-paying job I would see these gates at the end of this grass and pavement drive and this story just began to emerge. These little images in my head and slowly they took form…each grain of sand connecting and connecting until they formed a pearl….or so let’s hope.
Sometimes it’s amazing what can happen when we don’t force…but when we let our mind wander in the direction it chooses to go. I didn’t force this one. I walked by every day and let it come to me. I would pass by often leaving with a question of the who what why when and where and the next day I would walk by and the answer to that question would form…like another entered particle of sand.
Not all of my stories form in such a way but many do. My song writing most often in this fashion. And for NaNOWriMo project 2015 Behind The White Gate’s.

Over this month I will talk much about nano. I will connect with others over nano and I will learn through nano. Longer novels are more of a challenge for me. And I accept this challenge. It is what I want. Dream and crave for.
I will read and review as I have done in the past, other stories produced and published that came through nano such as Night Circus . I will learn writing tips and evolve my writing through this month and this challenge. I will polish the characters, the who/what/when/where’s of the story and I will share this process and learn from others going through this process as well. The How. The how you come to a story ( different for everybody) the how to be disciplined and write everyday ( rather than play on Facebook) the how to be published and the “now it’s written…what next?”
I will bring my readers into knowing who the characters of White Gate’s are. How they developed and where my mind takes me at times. After November my readers will eventually meet them in full form of the story…learn how each character meets, knows each other and learns from each other, is hurt by each other or built up by each other. Over October the many grains of sand will be brought together and in November the pearl will form.

Behind The White Gate’s…let it begin.



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