Note Book Project 3.


The pages lined with words . I will read back over things that I wrote and think at times ” what was I…?” and others I think ” wow…that was pretty good” . Often when I get in a writing rut I fall back on memory , usually of a feeling of a memory or even a dream, and I write what I know. So I will write bits and pieces of my life. A story that stands out in memory. Often I zone out and meditate while writing these and don’t see the words until I am finished. And then I usually read them and think ” wow….I got that out of that?” As somehow and for some reason I always tend to write about a moment that I might remember as bad or just kind of insignificant or whatever but at the tail end of the piece or woven through it I always have some lesson learned from it or why I remember an insignificant memory at all and there is usually some “truth” to it in there for my life right then and there, and then I am amazed at myself and my life. I feel less…defeated by the blank walls of unsure-ness of life and of writing. I realize that I am able to put feeling deeply into my words and then I am ready to go on with writing and realize that I do belong on this path. It is there.


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