The Job Hunt Part 1.

It is hard searching a job in today’s market….one for a writer. One for which I can love enjoy grow in and have passion for. One which will feed me mind body and soul. One which will not be a rut or a weight. This is hard.

There are the regular job issues to consider. Salary/pay. Does it make enough. Will it feed me. Will it pay my rent and bills and leave me enough left over for a occasional coffee?
Any benefits? What benefits are important to me right now?
What benefits can I live without…not just for awhile but for a good long while?
What hours and days does the job require and what hours and days and time to myself do I require?
How long can I hold out and make the ramen last before I have to take what I just simply have to take to get by, that something maybe not the greatest in any category at all other than enough to pay the rent and buy some bread at least?

There are things that I consider.
Contact’s and talking to people. Not to network on the job but to grow within my own life.
The people I will be surrounded by daily. The environment. Is it healthy mentally? Is it depressing or up beat? Are the people who have worked here for some time happy to come to work or miserable?
Is the job fulfilling in any way in the artistic realm? Well the above two questions are included on this but also there would be other writers, art’s, community, excitement, enthusiasm, inspiration and learning.
Will I learn anything new here? This is big for me…I like learning and expanding and if I am stuck not doing so then I won’t be happy. And un-happy for any employee means unproductive or not long lasting.

What am I looking for exactly?

Well, there is a list that some requirements that must be met, though not all…like the qualities required in dating someone. There are a few compromises easy to handle….i.e. he leaves the toilet seat up but is perfect in every other way. Can deal. But there are some that an not be compromised. Is he abusive in anyway or show signs that he might be? Well then…no need to apply.

The list, in no certain order, and of which some may be able to be flexible with include but are not only held to;

Location Houston or Galveston
Upbeat attitude of fellow co-workers as well as boss.
A boss who is empowering and good in leadership and not a bully or one who lacks interest.
Connection to people daily would be nice but not needed.
Being apprecciated for my work. I don’t need hear it…I just need to know when I am going in the right direction and not just the negative only. Also redirection when needed as well.
Artistic field of some sort. Because I am not only a writer but work in many forms of arts. The job does not have to have anything to do with writing. I love art as an observer as well in many shapes and forms, writing, music, paintings, sculpture, dance, theater and more that I would truly enjoy my job in any of the forms it may come in.
A company who cares about their foundation. This one is big for me…if I feel a company is about to topple under a weak foundation then I feel unsteady and begin looking elsewhere. Just like a relationship.
Which brings me to boredom. I would prefer a job that can keep me motivated and fresh. A job that brings something new and fresh to the table from time to time . At least a job that when I bring new and fresh to the table does not squash it with a ” yes we have worked on this same small project for the past five years but I don’t care about your idea’s for solutions.” An employer should encourage idea’s and take them into consideration and value an employee who can come to them with solutions, not problems, and not squash them down with a wave of their hand and a resting bitch face or deep sigh of un-interest. However I am also a naturally routine person so that part does not bother me and routine with freshness would make an excellent combination.

I will be asked, upon interview with anywhere, why do I want to work for them? And I hope to say something along the lines of “Your company seem’s one of enthusiasm and room to build…for the company as well as the staff. This will give me goals to look forward to and change from becoming stale. I see that your employee’s seem energetic and genuinely happy to be here…you yourself in fact give off this vibe. And that is important to me because I want to leave daily as renewed for work as when I went in. I don’t want to grumble about coming into a job but rather look forward to it. I feel that I can proudly introduce myself to people and tell them where I work and what I do here. This really gives a boost of job-esteem that a lot of people lack in their lives, thus making them miserable and unproductive workers as well as unproductive in their personal life due to burn out. I feel that this company can feed me in a lot more ways than just a pay-check . On the flip-side of what I feel you can do for me, I also feel that I can bring you that spoken-of enthusiasm in return and a freshness. The determination and dedication that you deserve to not only get the job done but get the job to where you want it to be. I feel that I can be a part of a strong foundation and hold my corner with my positive attitude. Team work, ability to be a self starter and a quick learner, be flexible in the changes of my job description as needed and that my skills and expertise from past experience that I bring will be strong for you. Not only do I wish to be proud of where I work, but I also wish for you to be proud of who works for you.”

Sound ok? Something along those lines is the passion I want to feel for a job. I always give any job my 100% no matter what it may be and giving my 100% in a company that can really utilize that will make us both stronger.

Interest’s that I have. Mid-Century furniture and architecture.Simply a love of the eye straight to my heart. There is an instant calmness and giddyness that I feel about it.
Writing about community and today’s economy and more. Public speaking and motivating people. Showing strong leadership and strong leadership means being a teammate. Music. Theater. Dance. Art of many kinds if not all. I am opinionated and to hear the words “everything is good art” will get an opinionated response out of me. I do not believe that art comes from just anybody with a hobby. It is education, research, dedication, drive, stamina, passion, love, a spark of talent and admitting and learning from mistakes that all above fans into a flame. This idea works in the work field as well, not everyone can come in with the smile and college degree and make due. It takes all of the above to fan the flame. Equestrian ( I grew up training and showing well through my adulthood). Reading. Everything from DWELL architectural magazine to Inc. business .magazine to memoirs and novels of all kind and more. Photography and constantly learning and shaping myself in health mind and body. Creating and admiring art, Art shows and more. You will often find me working in a coffeeshop every chance I get on my own work but I balance this with a run on the beach and conversations with friends. I love traveling and do often. I enjoy experiencing travel in different forms and to many locations, eating foods, walking through town’s and viewing architecture and seeing local art are my main points of travel. I love to cook.

I am sure the next question an interview may hold will be “What is you biggest weakness?” (Can’t tell that I have gone through this a time or two, huh?).
Well, for me, when starting out, it was computer knowledge. I went to school before computer’s became a part of our education. But I walked into a place and asked for the job, letting them know that I knew virtually nothing but was more than capable of quick learning. By the end of a month I had mastered microsoft word and spreadsheet , internet searching, data input and much more. From there I found that with the wide-world of internet self-educating constantly in the field of computer systems as well as new on-job experience over the years taught me what I needed to know and more to overcome this weakness.
Currently I am on a constant learning-path of balance and self-education. As an adult I have lost the ability of speaking other languages that I grew up with so I am currently learning French to start with, then I will learn Chinese or Japanese I believe as well as move onto Spanish. The super easy access to internet on my iphone makes this pretty easy and as a back ground noise to my writing I let language CD’s play and listen when I am walking or running. I utilize wait times with visual held in the palm of my hand in today’s technology.
I also am really open to feed back as a writer and this help’s in self-improvement by listening.

There is so much to learn in finding a job that in itself can be incredibly frustrating and defeating to one’s self esteem. I take it as a fun learning challenge.

I look forward to following up with this post with a fun Q&A posting from .


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