The Spot Light .

ETC Theatre did it again. In six years of attending every other performance or so there I have yet to be disappointed. And far from bored. This is NOT some dinky little theater owned and run by someone with a rag tag team high on dreams. This is an incredibly professional theatre that holds amazingly talented and well done stage performances. From set to actors to song and music, it always pleases me. I have seen some of the performances done by other’s and always ETC Theatreoutshines.

I had the pleasure of having tickets for my birthday to see The Glass Menagerie. With only four characters and a small square footage of stage these guy’s really did an amazing job. I applaud and applaud and applaud. I had the pleasure of taking a friend who had seen the play before and was a Tennessee Williams fan. He was left blown away impressed and is a hard nut to crack on such things. He complimented the actors for holding onto such long poses and not breaking character that was quite hard to hold for long stretches of time (so we feel would be hard to do) and their abundance of lines in long stretches (for stage).

There are only two performances left of The Glass Menagerie this Friday and Saturday before ETC rolls onto it’s next show. I suggest this is one that you don’t miss.
Two hour’s of entertainment away from a television and for the price of lunch with a tip in most cases here on the island. For a Friday and Saturday evening it will fill that space right after dinner and let you back out into the world just in time to go play and enjoy the night on the town. Thank you for the birthday ticket’s Kim Mytelka!

Only across from The Treemont Hotel in the Down Town area of Galveston Island.


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