The Job-Hunt Part III.


I am opening this third part on my The Job-Hunt Series with the question of “Where do I even begin?” (and how much do Ramen noodles cost these days?)

When we first need to go job hunting we may find ourselves in a position to scramble and take the first job we get offered. Or to take the ” until I find something better” job. But here is a little on doing other than that and finding the right job for you…and you for it.

Craiglist used to be the easy step for any job hunter…or when looking for an apartment, boat, bike or ball. However these days I have found that craiglist is so filled with spam and fake post’s it is a ridiculous waste of time. You may even rent a house from a fraud that belongs to someone else! A lot of trouble. And now you are wasting time applying for jobs that don’t exist at all. And we get upset at the monitoring of facebook but it’s such monitoring that craiglist desperately needs. I miss the craiglist of a decade ago.
So…having spent some wasted time on the site I quickly moved on.

Of course there is always the stop at the local newspapers….which takes very little time and on my very little Island has…nothing for me. After a daily five seconds I have another eight hours of job hunting to fill and so…

Linkedin and I became close companions. I learned more (and am still) of the in’s and out’s and how Linkedin works…and thanks much to The Muse, how Linkedin works for me.

I have realized that in my writing alone, much less my job hunting, I can use Linkedin for many area’s of my platform and keep things updated in the future. The benefits and the connections. So my Freelance work can grow aside from my job-hunt. Plus reading some really amazing post’s and articles…in a different way than hunting down each individual website or scrolling through my Facebook feed.

So far through Linkedin I have not yet found The Job but I have picked up a few different freelance writing jobs. I have found some amazing companies and information on companies that I admire. I have basically found a new stalking method (not to be used for ex boyfriends, ladies. That’s a no-no in the get a life category).

I have begun being much more pro-active in my job hunt from some different angles. There may not be a job posting that fits me currently but I am learning of WHERE I want to work at all. What companies that I may wantto work with to begin with. The who, what, why, when, and where. Location and what they do and that they are what I am looking for…reaching out to them before I need to wait for them to post jobs reaching out for me if they are not currently hiring, or currently hiring for a position for my fit. I am smoothing my resume’s and my cover letters (posting on Linkedin basically my long all-together version, sending my detailed for the exact job or company version, allowing a company to look me up for their own stalking, thus creating a two-way relationship).

I am one who does not wish to work for a company I can’t or don’t have pride in working for. Or interest. I may work for a design company….not as a designer but as administrative or management support, but it will still be something that fills my heart to be a part of, keeps me interested and feeds my soul…as well as my bank account.
I may work for an artistic non-profit but more in the line of what I feel my interest and skills will both lie.
I may work for a publishing company that I can feel the possibility of growth or at least learning experience in. My admin and management skills and support can go in many directions for many types of companies…but I am taking control of what types rather than applying for a blind ad on craiglist with no ability to check into the company itself because it’s not named. Going fully into a blind date should you be called in for an interview.

You will interview me and judge on if you find me a fit for YOU….I wish to find that you may be a fit for me also. And there is much to do on both ends before the interview itself. You get my resume and can google a few things. I can research your company online. And then if those steps are right for both of us…the interview is the next step. So why not be a fit for each other? Again, a two way happy and fulfilled relationship. I will spend more time with you than any other love of my life so we may as well have a good first date (research) second date (interview) and then an ever-lasting relationship, or a happy and fulfilled for as long as it’s meant to be for either of us until perhaps we grow apart at some time, can ensue.

I don’t prefer a management job to just anything that pays well and might be in the right location. I want a well rounded relationship. There are some compromises I will take as in any relationship there is bending and shaping (not lacking though. Not compromise in the negative sense.) So if I find three ad’s for the same type of job up and they all state a name and I am able to research the companies, I will choose what I feel is a fit for me as much as where I am also a fit. The same as you will interview several applicant’s and choose the best fit for you. I am a believer that the job-hunter deserves as much choice in where to work as the job-offerer.
So finding the benefits of actually using Linkedin rather than thinking of it as a “throw your last few jobs up and call it a day” has been fantastic.

Now another fantastic location I have found that really does a lot of footwork for you, teaches you to grow in many ways and brings many amazing companies in a beautiful layout to the table,this one brings the A-Game to the first date, is

They really have a site that I suggest to any job hunter….but do not be fooled into just being a location to learn the How-To’s of a good cover letter or resume,which they fail to fall short anywhere in that category, they also bring the perfect way to find some great companies that may or may not be hiring at the moment but which you might follow and submit to anyway. They are some that surely deserve some stalking that I’ve seen and some that I did not even know existed but are worth knowing about.

First the website lay out is simply super easy to navigate. One of my pet peeves in life is a website that I waste time finding anything to read without having even accomplished any reading. I also find the companies very easily and really I do utilize Facebook here because they consistently post amazing helpful articles. Even if they post ten a day I don’t feel it a waste to read all ten. They post good stuff. They aren’t boring and I always find something new to read, not the same over and over even though you would think that there is only so much to read about a resume, but not the case at all. So if you are a job hunter add The Muse to your facebook and read every post they put up, comment even and interact. Read the comments and learn learn learn. Go to their easy and clean but full website and look up their companies section and follow…stalk…don’t be shy…and if you see the right fit for you….ask them out on a date because reaching out to a company doesn’t hurt as much as sitting back and waiting can.

Also in this day and age watch for some work that you can do for a company from your own home despite their location. Don’t limit yourself and your abilities. If you have the skills and they have the right type of features that attract you to them…go for the dive off the cliff and see what happens…it doesn’t hurt.

My two top suggestions are to be super active with and but I would also pad your reading on companies, the industry in which you are interested, and world news. You may not be a Mac user but a company you go to work for may be so utilize your down time to brush up on skills, learn new ones, expand on the ones you have and be pro-active in the job hunt. Adding to your resume on linkedin as you go. I really like keeping abreast of Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur and Fast Co to name a few. If a company you like has a blog keep up with that too and if they post articles on Linkedin, read them. Fill those job-hunting 9-5 hours just like a job itself. It will pay off in the end.

Or you know…you could shoot a fast reply to those craiglist postings and sit on the couch eating chips and watching day-time tv until someone contacts you back among hundreds of emails they received.


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