What I have been up to in October. And wrapping it up.

* Seeking employment in the Galveston/Houston area in the art and design field.
* Researching and being up to date on resumes/cover letters. Job searching in the current day.
*Utilizing tools such as Themuse.com and Linkedin, Inc. and other business publications.
*Writing a series for http://www.akingofsinglelady.wordpress.com on job searching in my early
*Through these above efforts I have had offers from out of state. And Picked up three freelancing article series to write.
*Preparing for NaNoWriMo to begin November first, sketching out the characters being my biggest challenge. Furthering my education and research on novel writing.
*Continious building of my writers platform in various forms and avenues such as media in twitter/facebook/instagram and blog.
*Writing and submitting for my first grant submission through DiverseWorks and The Idea Fund with a November 3rd deadline.
*Writing a series of freelance online articles for insurance, real estate and hospitality.
*Began the outline for my 2016 writers business plan.

Not to mention several photography and small writing projects.



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