NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 1.


NaNoWriMo 2015.Day 1.
Not enough coffee in the world. This may drive me to drink. I am pretty sure I am sitting in a public coffeeshop and may just have forgotten my pants today. Don’t mind me… I am writing a novel this month.

Behind The White Gate

Listening to first 30 songs collected in spotify in the Behind The White Gate playlist.

Rainy Sunday. Nov 1st. Still finishing up idea fund grant submission, waiting to get the key to move into J’s and my first place on Postoffice Street, the studio. Woke up trying to make up…ended up walking away trying to forget. In a coffeeshop (Mod) this rainy Sunday morning. Three cups in and no writing. I did nail down the music for The Sadness reading and the timing. But I had people sit and talk and talk…side tracked and now back to it with my third cup of coffee filled with cream and sugar and soundtrack playing to set my mood …though later I will and may arrange to my mood in the different parts of the writings. In all realtiy in the end when this takes off and is put to screen all the music will be written original. I have updated some media posts and now…to write my first words…characters left not sketched out as procrastination has continued….So let them develope through the story written.

Let Nano begin. Let Behind The White Gate begin.

My first part…Behind the White Gate or Behind The White Gate’s?

Remember…..write now…edit later. Perhaps I will write on coffee and edit on bourbon.


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