NaNoWriMo 2015. Day 2.


NaNoWriMo 2015. Day 2.
Not enough coffee in the world. This may drive me to drink. I am pretty sure I am sitting in a public coffeeshop and may just have forgotten my pants today. Don’t mind me… I am writing a novel this month.

Behind The White Gate

Listening to the sounds of MOD coffeeshop as I forgot my headphones.

Woke after a very nice evening with J. Amazing sex, good desserts and a fullfilled happy rainy Sunday. Of what else is a writer’s life supposed to be? The entire weekend was fantastic with a triple crown winner now winning the breeders cup. A childhood passion that went well into my adulthood and is one that still bleeds in the veins and some vintage/antique shopping on rainy days as well as a movie at the theater, even if the power did keep going out while there.
However, had a super fitfull sleep and was ready to wake around five am then crashed back down finally into my hardest sleep, as usual, and waking near ten at which point I was ready for coffee beyond anything and weighing heavy on my mind was my video needed for the diverse works idea fund grant and final submission. And really hoping that J found someone who could help move big things on a Monday as I did not look forward to that part of things at all. I went and hid in the seclusion of my coffeeshop for a few hours to become human and before I would rip off J’s head attempting this move pre-coffee and not having released some of this need of deadlines being met and so on.

Day two of NaNoWriMo.

So far my characters are forming as I write each line and I have no doubt in this short amount of time that I am off in the right direction and after only a few days all distractions will be put away and I may write fully and to my hearts content….I joked with Julian that writers don’t drink to write, the writing causes them to drink.


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