NaNoWriMo 2015. Day 8.

NaNoWriMo 2015. Day 8.
Not enough coffee in the world. This may drive me to drink. I am pretty sure I am sitting in a public coffeeshop and may just have forgotten my pants today. Don’t mind me… I am writing a novel this month.

Behind The White Gate.

LoneStar Biker Rally weekend and I have been writing to the rumbles of constant machines. Over 400,000 bikes on our tiny island . I have experianced this for five years now and still I live near down town area. I also somehow get pulled into actually going every year.

My first year , five years ago, had me super freshly single after five years of marriage and my girlfriends , Athena and Eric took me out dancing. We got suited up and had the boys at our fingertips…seriously we had a fun weekend.

I don’t do the out scene so much now and Athena and Erin have long since moved away. But I remember shocking the tables aorund us at Sunflower Bakery the next mornings talking of our antics the night before. Always fun to shock the good Sunday crowd. Funny thing is out of the three I was the tame one. Imagine that.

I ran into a lot of bikers I knew…from the time I was around nine. One had been my babersitter when I was two…oh yeah…and then there was my own mother. It’s sad when you are hashtagging LoneStarBikerrally just to check that your mom hasn’t ended up on any embarrassing photos somewhere on the internet.

Someone thought #booksandbeer

Let’s write.

Behind The White Gate.

Three days of weather . Same Scene. Three days. #americannationalbuilding #mygalveston


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