WriteShaped 1.

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I was told “Glad to hear it sounds like you are having fun” when explaining what I have been up to , which was much about my writing.

And I think I broke a tooth gritting my teeth.

The last thing I would call writing is “Fun”.

I don’t write because it’s fun. It’s really not the image people have that you have all the time in the world and wake up late, drink coffee in your pajama’s and go out with your friends drinking all night.

That’s not at all my day.

I have to work really hard for as much as I have accomplished and to get where I have set my goal.

I get up early every day. Why? When , yes at the moment I could sleep all day, write all night.

It…set’s me on the right feel for the day. Simple as that. I go by what I feel most capable and accomplished doing.

I start with drinking water and doing breathing, stretching and balance yoga. I call it my wake up yoga. Then I have coffee and breakfast and write notes, read notes and read random other things…news…my book. What I wrote the day before.

Then I leave me house clean. The bed made and the kitchen cleaned. I get dressed for the day. Suited up. I may dress casual, often it depends on how much walking I may do that day or whatever I feel at the moment…sometimes it’s the most casual…sometimes it’s heels and dress. Whatever makes me feel ready for that particular day. But I always get dressed even if I never plan to leave the house.

And I sit down to work. I may walk to the coffeeshop or library or stay at home. But I sit down to my work. I have a to do list from the day before to check off today and I get going at it. I check off items and do what small writing at the moment I have, freelance works and whatnot.

I’ll then get down to writing longer projects, currently my NaNoWriMo project, Behind The White Gate.
In afternoon I feel restless and the need to walk and stretch and rest my brain. I will run errands and then go and meet my motivating running partner for a run on the beach around four-ish. Upon home it’s work out yoga time and then shower and dinner…as I suddenly become a starved animal who will rip your head off should you stand in my way. I make a nice dinner. Dinner and eating decently well is an important thing. It’s all about taking care and fueling my body so I can accomplish what I wish to.

After clearing and cleaning I settle with an evening coffee or tea and it’s , currently for November, long write time. Novel write time. And I work on that all evening…sometimes until eleven. Sometimes until dawn. Usually before I sleep if it’s in the earlier time I read a few chapters of a novel…as through the day I have read news and serious world events and random articles…it’s now down time for letting my mind wander and pretend. It is also restful. No more phone, no more internet. No more sound.

This does not even begin to scratch the surface of what it takes to be a writer….I will leave the actual work, rather than basic schedule, for another time. Now…to the dentist to check that tooth. I am about to go off on the next person telling them ” awww, that’s cute…you do a job that robots will do one day and won’t be needed.”

Fun. Pfft. That’s the last thing writing is.


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