The Job Hunt. Part IV.


A month and a half later, Yes, I am still on The Job Hunt.

I have had some freelance work to pay my bills and help or this would simply not have happened. I am getting to enjoy and have the opportunity to fully focus November on NaNoWriMo 2015 so I am not fully job hunting by any means this month. Which is fine since my eventual full goal is to be fully a writer only, or to work in the artistic field in some way. Since my writing does not lie in one category itself and often creative work is a combined effort on multiple projects with a timeline, the egg’s are far from just one basket.
I have had plenty of job offer’s but in other state’s I am not moving to at least currently. Just not the life-fit at the moment. Also job offer’s that simply do not fit in my goal at all. And yes, job’s have been turned down for pay. Anyone who say’s “You will work eighty but get paid for forty” as has happened have no value of life itself. It is just in-humane. $23,000 before taxes is simply an un-livable amount even for a two-income home. I like real food, not ramen, nor the heart disease, bad health and higher health insurance that would come with that diet. Again, it is simply in-humane and when one can work at a McDonalds for more than such it’s a bit low-cut. There is the balance of value of life itself on a job to over the amount of pay itself , Quality over quantity as well as an available ladder to climb from bottom up on I very much will consider. I take all into account. Which is why low-pay with a boss who has a terrible reputation for being a bad boss and over working with no pay, nights, day’s and weekend’s all for a desk job which also holds the equivalent of five job descriptions, including her own, under one title for your resume on top of crappy pay just isn’t going to cut it. I am very open to opportunities, even not in the artistic field, because in many way’s other things can feed my heart, mind, soul and my writing somehow. Interacting with people…or working alone. Both have their good and bad, plus and minus. Perhaps a good build on my resume or to learn a new computer program and so forth. There are many way’s that non-artistic field jobs can feed the life of art very much.

In the mean-time NaNoWriMo is a great tool for a writer and a motivator. Like a marathon for a runner. It set’s a goal that doesn’t mean you have to be first, just a sight to give you some sort of deadline…and so that often you have a chance at a novel not taking you five years to write or keeping you doing the “oh maybe someday…” mentality.

No. I do not have the someday mentality. Today I write. Everyday I write. Sunday I write. Monday I write. Sunshine on an island I write. Rainy thunderstorm days I write. Through Biker Rally noise and holiday’s I write and alongside job-hunting and job working at, I write.

Not only do I write but I sit down and learn HOW to write…from constantly forming and training myself further on that, writing also involves HOW to submit, how to write for other’s and what other’s want. Following instruction and taking corrective criticism, HOW to get published and dear lord are there laws and things and all sorts of jobs that come out of writing itself…editing, publishing, bookstore’s, literary agent’s, literary attorney’s and so much more.

Not to mention the amount of books we read, online and material subscription we buy. Laptops, computers, hand held devices, music, paper, printers and more that we purchase.

The world of writing truly is a part of the economy.

Think about the movie industry by itself.

All starts with writing and a vision.

So there is much skill that comes from a project such as NaNoWriMo. In fact my Artistic-end resume alone carries and teaches much skill and much growth that I can take with me into any business comes in handy. In fact my “Art’s Resume” looks like The one below. So in no time during being in between job’s is there “down-time” or lack of constantly building skill’s for the work force.

I have extensive skills working in the artist field. I also have passion and dedication for hard work. I often assist other’s in projects, such as painting, setting up art shows, and photography. My office skills are incredibly immense and there is another resume that would show just my administration skills from past “day-jobs” as artist’s usually hold. So time-management is often key to balance a career on the side of another full-time job or career. I am looking to expand my skills and my life in the artistic world and hopefully be a part of great part of a community.

NaNoWriMo is a worldwide Writing challenge that occurs every year during the month of November. However; preparation, platform building, building of followers for authors and book sales, community involvement and more begin anytime during the year.
For the 2015 challenge I began preparation in June. This is a fantastic project and as most writers lives go, I worked around a day-job as well. This takes great discipline and dedication. I have built a media following and platform . I have outlined the story and characters have been built. The idea is pre-sketched out and strategic planning lined out. To balance writing 50,000 words minimum in a month ,1667 words a day, and work a day job as well as other artistic projects during this time, a business plan of sorts has long been written. A schedule to follow. Spread sheets built for characters as well as the who,what,why,when & where of a novel tracking and scheduling, work management as well as media management for followers and platform building which will lead to book sales and eventually a book tour already in the works. Connecting to individuals in the field from readers, writers, magazines of the industry, bookstores and more. A high-end discipline of time management and mostly at-home self-work. Some of the benefits of skill of this project include ; Establishing a writing routine. Community building. Editing. Learning different styles. Learning the steps to publish. Media management. Research. Focus and self-discipline. Defeating writers block. Self-Promotion.

Freelance Writing.
Writing on subject’s of ; Economics, Relationship, Finance, Life-Style’s, Fiction.
Online and hard copy research.
Spreadsheet tracking of locations submitted to, when, what, where and income made. Submit according to each location’s specific requirements. Understanding self-income crossed with pay-check income taxes are a big part of this job. Staying up to date with a locations style, articles, news, topics and interest.
Booking flights and travel accommodations.
Interviewing. Attending events of various kinds. Cover letter , submission letter, query letter writing. Fielding and answering emails and responses in a timely manner. Speaking publicly. Business plans. Press Release’s, grant research and writing work. Further education in creative writing, editing, grant writing and more.
Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Networking.

Writer. Creator.
Run My platform as a Writer and researcher : Includes time management, research, cross referencing , spelling and grammar details, media management including connecting social media facebook/twitter/instagram. Building connections and a media following in the field of art and writing. Website learning/building/running/advertising. Reading’s, research and writing in the fields of fashion, architecture, lifestyle, healthy living, women’s health, relationship health, current events news, employment how-to, Real Estate, politics, economy, travel, car-less living, Island Living and community building, arts, art education, writing, NaNoWriMo, and more on personal and professional interest. Website building. Scheduling. Business plan’s. Interviewing. People skills.

Board Game Island. Galveston, TX.
Business Consultant. Social Media Manager.
* Consulted on hiring, staff size, floor layout and arrangement of cafe, employment pay, marketing , business plan, finance,
ordering consulting, business decisions, and general consulting in all business aspects with the owner and founder. Bringing a
list ready each month to the owner with twice a week meetings and reviews. Assigning tasks and completing tasks.
* Moved from consulting which included a ribbon cutting opening to Marketing and Social Media Manager.
* Ran Social media, emails, constant contact, facebook, twitter, yelp and other review sites.
* Press releases, driving media to visit, driving customer’s in, creating incentives and again twice weekly meetings with the owner,
providing a detailed list of what was accomplished and what was planned in the next period of time before next meetings.
* Event booking and more for the new company starting up.

Storyteller Show. A Stage Show Performance. Theatre. Galveston, TX.
Producer. Director.
* Combining Artists for a theater show.
* Scheduling * Renting location * Advertising * Social Media Marketing
* Writing/Press release’s/blog/article’s/Ad content
* Box office and ticket’s,Sales,directing, book sales, hiring.
* Public speaking, key time scheduling.
* Conduct meetings, set up media interviews among the musicians.

Small footsteps. Big Impressions. Galveston, TX.
Project Manager.
Economical & Ecological Research Company.
Business plan writing, grant research and writing. Correspondence writing. Architectural planning and design. Permit and City Hall applying. Hiring contractors. Project materials shopping. Schedule’s, spreadsheet, financial planning and tracking, invoicing and budget planning and balancing. Physically learning on sight of historical design and restoration. Market research and plan development. Environmental research.

MorningStar Entertainment. Documentary Production Company. Burbank, CA.
Executive Assistant.
Answering phones and taking incredibly detailed messages to the owners specific liking. Making calls, Copies and binding, Transcribing film’s. Making travel arrangements, inventory of office supplies. Assisting on film location’s and in editing. Sorting and answering submissions.

Mark Deitch & Associate’s. Publication Company. Burbank, CA.
Administrative Assistant.
Handle Phone’s, mailing and quickbooks in-bound and out-bound invoicing, media package put together and mail for four print publications.. Sending all incoming e-mails to appropriate departments. Filing seven previous years of files and paper work. Achieved being a part of an award winning business in print publications and being part of a successful highly recognized and reputed business in the Los Angeles County area.

Company Management. NYC, NY. Page Parks Entertainment & Modeling. Houston, TX.
Fashion Model. Many face to face contacts on a daily basis. Time management. Constant ” interviews” and making first impressions count. Large events and landing the job. Learning fashion and being up-to-date in the field such as designers. Traveling. Designing and directing a photoshoot.


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