WriteShaped 4.

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Since I am on a roll talking about the work that goes into writing. I wanted to speak of some of the work’s that are writing. Never to be belittled. Never to be made smaller than what they are. Writer’s are a lot of what make your world amazing. I hope to be that kind of writer.

First…there is the economy that the industry brings. It’s huge. It’s like way huge…it leaks from novels into journalism to movie’s of Hollywood to our school’s and our journal’s of our deepest thought’s that later become published….and let’s not forget song. So though there are many struggling writer’s, there is an economy built on it and a chance to make a living off of it. It is not the most impractical career move ever (though your parents think different.)

My major and first real influence to be a writer was reading Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. In the speaking of this I think I am ready to read once again. I remember reading this for the first time when I was twelve years old. I was mesmerized and remember feeling that it was the first book I had read that just a real life spoken story. Real words. Real life. Real feeling. A “this is how I did it anyway” sort of real.

Writing influences a lot in the world. All over. In every culture.

Expecting Adam. By Martha Beck. A story of having a child at all in the academic lifestyle of this couple but then having …and keeping, a child with Down’s Syndrome. Especially being two highly intelligently academic parents. This is a big highlight into what it’s like for a woman in academic’s such as hers and the world of feminism gone too far that she faces as well. Two highly intelligent people who have an opportunity not to carry out this pregnancy and choose to anyway. It’s like “Mr. Holland’s Opus” when a music teacher’s son is born deaf. It was an incredibly touching book and I recommend it to parents all the time. Down’s Syndrome or not.

Tina Fey was one of the first who became the change of women writer’s in Television. And now women writer’s are taking the screen’s by storm and even our women’s right’s movement in America has hit it’s next phase of equal pay. (50 years later and still working on those equal right’s, America.)

I truly can’t even begin to touch on how many books have influenced me in some way, much less how many time’s a written piece has influenced the world.

Writing is a voice and often, it is your voice fighting to be heard. Even if only in your own private journal. Writing began as that voice for me. But that is what got me through some tough home life and since, a not so easy adult life. I write because I have a voice that fight’s to be released.


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