WriteShaped 5.

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Writing bloomed in my when I was a kiddo of ten years old and started suffering the insomnia that runs in our family. Especially the women…in fact…maybe only the women, come to think of it.
We had a super strict bed time of eight o’clock. In bed, lights out, go to sleep. At age ten I would lay there and lay there and never one to complain to my parents I started having these stories made up in my mind. I remember starting by imagining if my families life was different or if we bought a farm and lived off the land (apparently that part of me came from an early age…recently my sister said “you were always weird like that, Peg”) I would dream of a barn full of rescued horses and hundred’s of rescued dog’s that we ran a sanctuary for. These “day-dreams” to keep my constantly running mind occupied help me always finally drift to sleep. To calm my racing my mind and rest.
Later I began writing the stories down. From a young age to “write my book”. All ten year old serious like. I later began to write short stories as I discovered that I could make up super fun stories to write the next day.
When I was a teenager I also began keeping a journal, often writing some of my “dreams” out. In this method at a later age and more practical, less magical as life itself shaped me, I began shaping out what my actual life would lead toward. To this day I use the method to help me rest my racing mind and fall asleep…It’s a meditation now…a focus on a direction in my life and let my mind wander there. Often I have solved many idea’s and problems and come to many decisions in my life through this. And so I write….


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