NaNoWriMo 2015. Day 17.


NaNoWriMo 2015. Day 17.

Not enough coffee in the world. This may drive me to drink. I am pretty sure I am sitting in a public coffeeshop and may just have forgotten my pants today. Don’t mind me… I am writing a novel this month.


Behind The White Gate.


I slept until eight today, woke up feeling like my body had slept under the weight of a ton of bricks, stiff and sore and slow moving. Cold water on my face, the water heating for coffee and stepping out to the porch for fresh air before I spent some time on my yoga mat. Maybe actually yoga-ing or maybe just laying there, calm pose, staring up at the ceiling and contemplating my day.


I didn’t get dressed today….not like public dress. No bra all day, sleep in shorts and shirt, hair in a messy ponytail.


I read a lot…drank too much coffee, enjoyed the storm that swept over my island. Listened to the rain and sipped more coffee. I drank…a lot of coffee today. A lot.


I yoga’d again at some point…stretching my stiff body..a little sore from run and work out yesterday. I am too old for that game and too young to feel this old.


I made a gourmet lunch….vodka-like sauced pasta out of pure leftover scraps of stuff’s and topped it with goat cheese. In a restaurant I would have paid at least $30 for that dish. I don’t believe in slacking for cooking for one.


I read more, drank another fresh french-press of coffee, listened to the wind howl and bang my old victorian windows against their wooden frames. I felt content, comfortable, my limbs loose and warm now I felt relaxed and calm of spirit. Not rushed, not needing, not needed not going, not coming not planning not worried. Sipped my coffee and listened to wind and rain. All was right in my world for the moment. I enjoyed.


I wrote…began on my jittery stage of coffee fueled self , to write the words of Behind The White Gate. I have other idea’s running through my head and I push them out to focus…One at a time, my love’s. You will get your turn.


I admired my little orchid. My longest lasting plant ever. I don’t have the green thumb I always wish for but I try to learn. She has done very well since Valentine’s Day and I hope she continue’s.


I took a break from writing and home puttering and swirling of cream into coffee to not only yoga but to give myself a tire-the-muscle yoga work out this time, not only stretch and balance and flex but to put some muscle into it, to make them feel that soreness I can wake up with in the morning. I did a good job and I felt exhilarated afterward. It will take me a day to feel this way about it again. I may break up with my yoga mat.


It rained so I didn’t run on the beach but that’s ok…a break for these knee’s and more time to write these word’s.


And sip into the late of night, some more coffee.



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