Island Living. Holiday time!


(Photo Credit PJD)

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It’s Holiday Season on The Island and this means fun fun fun…cookies and roasted turkey’s and lights and glitter and presents and singing. I am excited. I may be found skipping down Postoffice Street holding someone’s hand!


With a lot upcoming I thought I would highlight some of the more important one’s to myself happening just over just this next week.


I will be on the hunt for unique and antique Christmas ornaments. In our DownTown area (That most tourists miss….start at MOD Coffeehouse at 22nd and Postoffice St. and go from there all within a few blocks either way, three blocks off The Famous The Strand and about eight away from The Infamous The Seawall all of the antique shops we have on the island…all in walking distance! (Actually I lied, there are far more spread out among the island too but about a million…I am pretty sure that is the right count, a million, right here in a five block square walk) I am a wee bit in heaven. Not to mention Victorian antique’s at that! One thing I DO love about victorian are Christmas ornaments. EEEEEHHHHH. Excitement! And J gets back in time for me to drag him from shop to shop with a hot chocolate in hand digging through looking for treasures. I am very sure he is as excited as I am. Very sure.


This Saturday I will really be enjoying an Artshow at the newer Tremont Gallery on Twenty-Third Street at Postoffice St. Right across from the awesome Star Drug Store this newer gallery has come upon the island by a man who takes some incredible photo’s of our island…if you ever call this beach ugly one must see his photo’s for sure and be proven wrong. (I usually enjoy proving people wrong, it’s a gift.) He also makes postcards so something super easy and cheap to send back home or out to all your friends on your facebook friendlist to get away from being in touch only through media and really reach out and send an “I am totally thinking about you…too bad you don’t live here” card. For under a $5 buck gift including stamp you can really put a smile on someones face…and dig in again that they COULD be living on this glorious island. There are two near downtown area’s where one can buy stamps and a big mailbox to drop them in right on the corner of 21st and Postoffice hidden by the hibiscus.

(Photo credit PJD)

This Saturday’s show at The Tremont Gallery, November 21st,  is a big thirty Artist’s Artshow  and a great one stop shop to pick up special gifts of art for your loved ones. Be sure to grab up some postcards and walk over to MOD Coffeeshop down Postoffice St. at 22nd St. and sit outside in this beautiful weather sipping a latte and penning some personal notes to people you care about and may not keep in very good touch with. What better way to spend a few minutes during the holidays? Plus the people watching there is THE BEST and if a cruise ship is in that day it’s like watching a frickin Fashion Show walking by constantly. This island has style…but you will tell most of the local’s by their flipflop’s and super relaxed atmosphere…we run on island time and at a slower enjoy the moment pace, ya’ll.


One of my favorite spots in this gallery and I hope that they will be there is The Alley Cat Project….check it out for a gRRReat cause!


(Photo credit Samitha Edwards/Poppy by Samitha)

And don’t forget among all of the artist’s to head to the VERY back…yes…brave the crowd’s because they have FOOD and it’s worth it! There you can chat with Artist, Samitha who is fun, beautiful and funny and super sweet, if you are going to be around the local’s you might as well talk to them too and many are our artist’s, if you can walk away saying you’ve spoken to a Galveston Artist then it’s the equivalent of like….traveling with Anthony Bourdain through exotic Rain Forest’s talking to the Native’s. Pick up some of the easiest and best Christmas shopping you’ve ever done. The pieces are unique and there are plenty to fit many of your loved ones style’s and personalities as a new, different and personal Christmas gift or even a hostess gift for all the parties you will attend. Plus you will also have supported LOCAL and SMALL Business AND….and fed an Artist. Seriously…you’ve no idea how much ramen one can survive on but a good Christmas feast wouldn’t hurt, it’s like working in a soup kitchen at the same time of getting your holiday shopping accomplished. This will be her LAST SHOW of the YEAR and this is the best time for her stuff…if you are one of those perfect soccer mom’s who managed to accomplish all of your shopping way back in October….aside from hoping that you sprain an ankle off a Galveston curb (I mean…good for you to be so accomplished and successful at such things), I urge you to pick something up that would be perfect in planning for a loved one’s next big life event…birthday or home welcoming or just because a random gift of art is…well…the bestest. Oh yeah…and there’s FOOD. Did I mention?


(Photo Credit Poppy by Samitha)

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