WriteShaped 7.

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I started Why I Write with WriteShaped  234 , 5, and 6 because a lot of people ask this question…why do you want to be a writer? Well…perhaps when you ask someone why do you want to be a bricklayer to a bricklayer the answer can come as “Because one brick atop another makes something…a home…a creation.” And so…I write.

At  FlavorWire there are fifteen well known author’s who’s each answer Why I Write or I Write Because and in reading all fifteen I identify with each and every single reason. I have so many reasons that I write I couldn’t clearly answer this question with just one answer or reason. WriteShaped is named so because Writing Shapes me and my life, shapes the woman and person that I am…each and every single day. I don’t feel that I mold the story as much as the story molds me. Why I write isn’t an answer that I seek because I don’t feel the need to seek it, I just let it be. But here I can share a little of what may lie inside my mind.


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