Wrapping up the past month.


I took a two week stay-cation after NaNoWriMo in November and enjoyed some real holiday time and spirit. Now back at it, even through the holidays and I’ve been currently writing my next novel Under The Oak as well as editing and writing the second draft of Behind The White Gate. Don’t ask me why I took that task on of both at one time. Under The Oak will take longer to write, however, than a one month project. In the process of editing and novel writing is the How To of publishing and the fun part is submitting, writing queries and research research research. All things that I love (perhaps not so much the query).

I am touching base slightly upon the job market, seeing what’s out there and watching those places I’m interested in but mostly the watching, keeping up with and also keeping up with their industry news as well as industry news in a lot of my own writing subjects. Again with the reading and research. I am re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing for the second time, just finished a cute memior written half in Englsih and half in Italian (a language challenge of varied ones that I give myself from time to time) and the two newest year end and year beginning Reader’s Digest Magazine’s. There is really a never end of learning…which is also true for my reading’s of Inc. Magazine, Forbes, TheMuse.com and Entrepeneur among others.

January has much of keeping up with as well as the adding to…hopefully adding to some more freelance writing work, writing work outside of my own projects and a real life job because getting stuck in my own head would be no good. One needs growth and interaction in many ways. I also look forward to a few creative collaboration’s this year and going forward with a few fun projects such as In My Mind:

“In My Mind is An Art Study of Awareness of Mental Care and Attention.

It Includes research of mental health and mental health care focusing mainly on the lack there-of in care for Mental Illness in our society.

This project will include Producing film, photography, music, writing, visual art, public shows and collaboration between artists and doctors as well as people who carry mental illness to bring to the public a visual that reaches the heart and mind. Bringing a hidden, ashamed of, and locked away controversial topic to the forefront. In the end this project is planned in stages will grow beyond this immediate main exhibit.

Using art for awareness, education and a platform that speaking of the topic is ok. It’s safe. It needs to be spoken of. A few celebrities are starting to speak out. Robin Williams Died. Amy Winehouse died. Sarah Silverman is speaking out. Lady Gaga is speaking out.

Children are dying in schools. Young people are killing. Our prisons are full. And every day the “normal” person around you suffers. In a day and age where gender and same sex marriage are topics in the news we still do not speak about mental illness.

Now is the time to bring this skeleton out of the closet.

I will create a series of writings and visual art from the minds of those who live daily with a mental disorder and bring awareness of a controversial area that our society lacks in mental health care.”

And Bride’s especially:

“An Art Study of Marriage. Inludes research in marriages and relationship. Divorce. Suicide and murder. Collaboration with artists in film, photography, producing photoshoots, film, music and public art shows. Turning writing into visual art.”

Basically my last hurrah! of divorce itself and the story telling of the dark side of getting into marriage.

Not to mention the airstream and the sailing fun adventures coming soon.

I am planning the year out in these last few days and preparing well….though as history goes, not all goes according to the best laid plans.


The Job Hunt. Into the new Year.


I feel that by the time you tailor your summary and cover letter and resume to each job posting you’ve lost the chance at the job….so many resumes have fallen on their desk or in their e-mail in-box that your’s becomes not only lost in the shuffle, but…ignored completely. Then I have wasted my time and the employer is also wasting their’s. I find that employer’s hire too fast. Frankly if you post a job….and have a hundred resumes in the first hour…you should just chuck them into the waste basket or hit delete without even glancing at them. Why? Because each job is SUPPOSED to have a summary, cover letter and resume tailored to them…at least a few small changes as no job is the same with every company. Same title, different company is an entirely different job and this is showing that your submitter has done their research, taken their time, paid attention to detail and even read your job description and post to begin with which, as we all know, many do not. As a writer one of my biggest tedious chore’s that must be done is reading How To Submit to each and every publication individually…life would be grand if it was all the same, but, it’s not. Each asks for something specific and so does each job posting. Employer’s, stop wasting your time reading much less interviewing any candidate who submits too quickly and give the right time to those who do their job right before they are even working for you. In this quick to read resume’s I also feel that companies are too quick to hire as well. Thus doing only themselves an injustice. Take your time, ask some question’s to those who catch your eye and also judge by their answering before you even go forward. You really are hiring in an old fashioned robot mentality when we simply don’t run in that kind of world. This day and age of work is not what my grandfather was in…employee’s and the way they work have advanced, the way companies run has advanced and so should the way the companies hire that I feel still use old fashioned methods or methods that take away any actual meeting face to face which is still hands down the most important part of the interview.


Texas Monthly Magazine.

I’d love to #write for #texasmonthly #texasmonthlymagazine . #coffee and #oldissues of #magazines this morning. #music #favorite #texassongs #lylelovett #robertearlkeen regulars of #thegrand #galvestonisland #amreading #musicreviews #texas  #music #magazine

I am not the big Country Music fan but two that I love…not only for the music but seeing at The Grand are Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen.

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Texas Monthly Magazine.

I’d love to #write for #texasmonthly #texasmonthlymagazine . #coffee and #oldissues of #magazines this morning. #music #favorite #texassongs #lylelovett #robertearlkeen regulars of #thegrand #galvestonisland #amreading #musicreviews #texas  #music #magazine

I am not the big Country Music fan but two that I love…not only for the music but seeing at The Grand are Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen.

https://akindofsinglelady.wordpress.com/2015/10/02/oso-music-review/ Continue reading

Island Living.GAR. I’m not talking Pirates.


In the now more than five years that I’ve lived in Galveston I’ve seen the Galveston Artist Residency form. Coming alive under the idea, work and dedication of Eric Schnell and Burt Geary. I have come to every show that I can and read up on anything I might have had to sadly miss. I see GAR as an amazingly positive piece of Galveston Island. Pulling the art’s and artists of the island into truly deeper-thinking on this island. I see GAR closing the gap that exists between the island and Houston as well as Austin and further, sending our island out further into the world and yet also bringing them here. On top of the art this venture has brought architecture, another love of mine, into the forefront with the beautiful work done by on the building that once stood empty and falling apart for years. Then, to make GAR even more beautiful, taking a historical building, sitting out of breath and breathing the air and life back into it. Creating a smaller footprint, but a very large impression upon our Earth and Island. I am in awe and excitedly…it doesn’t end there.

Burt and Eric made touches to this building to be gentle to the earth, using water conservation and other eco-friendly tactics….not only being a step forward for Galveston in Contemporary Arts, Community and Eco-Consciousness  but then also in Example.