Island Living.GAR. I’m not talking Pirates.


In the now more than five years that I’ve lived in Galveston I’ve seen the Galveston Artist Residency form. Coming alive under the idea, work and dedication of Eric Schnell and Burt Geary. I have come to every show that I can and read up on anything I might have had to sadly miss. I see GAR as an amazingly positive piece of Galveston Island. Pulling the art’s and artists of the island into truly deeper-thinking on this island. I see GAR closing the gap that exists between the island and Houston as well as Austin and further, sending our island out further into the world and yet also bringing them here. On top of the art this venture has brought architecture, another love of mine, into the forefront with the beautiful work done by on the building that once stood empty and falling apart for years. Then, to make GAR even more beautiful, taking a historical building, sitting out of breath and breathing the air and life back into it. Creating a smaller footprint, but a very large impression upon our Earth and Island. I am in awe and excitedly…it doesn’t end there.

Burt and Eric made touches to this building to be gentle to the earth, using water conservation and other eco-friendly tactics….not only being a step forward for Galveston in Contemporary Arts, Community and Eco-Consciousness  but then also in Example.


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