The Job Hunt. Into the new Year.


I feel that by the time you tailor your summary and cover letter and resume to each job posting you’ve lost the chance at the job….so many resumes have fallen on their desk or in their e-mail in-box that your’s becomes not only lost in the shuffle, but…ignored completely. Then I have wasted my time and the employer is also wasting their’s. I find that employer’s hire too fast. Frankly if you post a job….and have a hundred resumes in the first hour…you should just chuck them into the waste basket or hit delete without even glancing at them. Why? Because each job is SUPPOSED to have a summary, cover letter and resume tailored to them…at least a few small changes as no job is the same with every company. Same title, different company is an entirely different job and this is showing that your submitter has done their research, taken their time, paid attention to detail and even read your job description and post to begin with which, as we all know, many do not. As a writer one of my biggest tedious chore’s that must be done is reading How To Submit to each and every publication individually…life would be grand if it was all the same, but, it’s not. Each asks for something specific and so does each job posting. Employer’s, stop wasting your time reading much less interviewing any candidate who submits too quickly and give the right time to those who do their job right before they are even working for you. In this quick to read resume’s I also feel that companies are too quick to hire as well. Thus doing only themselves an injustice. Take your time, ask some question’s to those who catch your eye and also judge by their answering before you even go forward. You really are hiring in an old fashioned robot mentality when we simply don’t run in that kind of world. This day and age of work is not what my grandfather was in…employee’s and the way they work have advanced, the way companies run has advanced and so should the way the companies hire that I feel still use old fashioned methods or methods that take away any actual meeting face to face which is still hands down the most important part of the interview.



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