Island Living. Beauty in the Ruin’s.



A lot of what I love to do on the island is simpy walk. One of the places that I seek inspiration is in the ruin’s in life. And though the island has done a beautiful job at repairing, rebuilding and breathing new life into old, there are still the ruin’s to be found. Rather than find this the ugly of the island, I find the beauty within the ugly. And the inspiration within the ruin’s. That. Is isand living.


Island Living. Beauty in the Ruin’s.

A lot of what I love to do on the island is simpy walk. One of the places that I seek inspiration is in the ruin’s in life. And though the island has done a beautiful job at repairing, rebuilding and breathing new life into old, there are still the ruin’s to be found. Rather than find this the ugly of the island, I find the beauty within the ugly. And the inspiration within the ruin’s. That. Is isand living.

Book Review. Gods of Noonday.


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Gods of NoonDay

A white girl’s African life.


Elaine Niel Orr


University of Virginia Press

Ohhh this was a hard read! I agonized every bit of it. This woman TEACHES in writing? I felt it was tuition well wasted, a spot for a better employee and an area that the University obviously failed in. My agrevatin grew. I am the worst in grammar as a writer I’ve ever known, until this book. But it was also the overly floral prose, the half memory that was seen through rose colored glasses. The unreal nostolgia that all….and this woman teaches in a University?! I couoldn’t help but rage at my lack of job and someone who had a job they obviously should not.

I had text conversation’s of the subject. “In 1959, we literally drove into the rains; it was the rainy season after all.” Insipid was a word my friend gave it.

I felt that half the memories were made up, other half told t her. I felt that the girl never understoof where she lived growing up. She was in white christian compounds after all. Her only site of dark skin were those who cooked their meals and a visit to the market but as much as she feels a kinship it didn’t seem she had one in the time f growing up at all. She was so much about white and black but not in a poetic scense at all. Not once did she even truly have an African friend. Oh they mentioend playing with a Africa employee’s children ocne or twice but even in that they left them behind to play American games and there was always a distance…these other children were always “The gardenders children” but not her peers. As African as she comes to tell she doens’t seem African at all, her cuntry seems Baptist Missoninary compound, surrounded in walls frm Africa itself. But then she speaks on and on about her lovely Africa…her country that seems t be ne she dens’t know at all. In her compound and school she had only white children to play with, she played many American games, did her hair and wore fashioned, even if behind the times, that spoke of America. When in America she ate and watched television only. Ever. Each trip.

She never spoke of WHY her parents did what they did in Africa, what their movement was for so t speak. The one in their hearts. And as much as she felt un-American it seems that she never even thought of actually going to live in Africa, being African-born even. Much less t follow in her parents footsteps in any way or in any other way. She rarely even went back as an adult.

I have much nostolgia of my childhood…miuch great yearning to grasp the memories that slip from me. But they are so much more real than the memories she wrte on these pages.

From time to time a line would start so poetic I would get excited…I like THAT line that gets me excited, spurns me into inspiration, but then her voice would take a sharp turn and quickly all was lost…..what could have been a good line ended not. I was left dissapointed…I wanted to rewrite this entire book for her. And again I would think only “This woman TEACHES in a University? In Literature?


However, I though I put the book down at a time…and later finally picked it back up, I was somehow still drawn in. Smewhat as a trainwreck does to you. Somewhat because I felt the warmth and the true heart this lady might have. I honestly felt she was familiair. Felt that I would enjoy listening to her talk for awhile over tea. I can’t exactly say why. She seemed…nice. She seemed genuine and I nearly felt bad that I thought her as an author so….stiff, bored. But I also felt her plight with meeting death daily and that yearning to go back…those memories that you took for granted in real time and hate yourself for now that you didn’t cherish. Didn’t know what you had then. The smell you remember, the feel, the sounds of childhood that make you wish so hard to have them back, and to remember them stronger than you do. This, the author, the book Gods of Noonday, did for me. And so I read to the end. Too short, adruptly cut off sentences, lines that swelled and then fell flat and all. Weirdly, it made me think. Think of my childhood. Think of my writing. Think of my daily job. Think of my memories. Think of my own nostlgia. Think of death. Think of life. And that is what a book is supposed to do. Make you think. Make you feel. So I guess in the end I apologize for my thughts to the author. I almost felt bad writing my thought in the end. But then, I chose to stick to who I am, as she stuck to who she is.

I will leave with saying that in reading Gods of Noonday, I did feel a strong urge to visit Africa and perhaps, one day I will.

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Book Review. Love Walked In.



Love Walked In


Marisa De Los Santos


A Plume book published by The Penguin Group

At first I thought this book more than slightly immature and set more as a young adults type of novel. I was confused that the first main character was a woman of my age and it opened to an immaturity and a love story. A mix that nearly had me gagging. But then I laughed and realized that no matter how old, mature, independent we women are, when it comes to a love story or the want of it, we do, actually, sound just as this book began.

I did however fall in love with the educated, higher potential than the coffeeshop job she had and yet, there she was. Slightly lost but not in a lost way, just in a more of a “this is exactly where it is for now” way. Regardless of what everyone else’s opinion happened to be.

I took a personal liking to the second main character, a young girl, because at her age that was me exactly. Down to the lists. Down to the plan of action when life goes …weird, for our young and fragile eggshell time and age.

And I loved the older man factor. Yes, we go after the older sophisticated maybe can teach us a thing or two kind of man often (they usually can’t) and they know how to treat a lady (in my experience this can go both ways but the ones you may actually find attractive are these one’s indeed). Simple Manners. A lost art.

I enjoyed, however, that here was the perfect guy, even down to his Clark Gable looks that was her style and she found that they missed a “click” in the area of sex. I loved this…this little let down of dreams into reality. I personally have experienced greatness but I do understand the lack of “click” and thought it incredibly…perfect, thoughtful and endearing even. Ahhh, reality once we look back in our lives and the gleam of romance sometimes crashes, the cracks of light of imperfection shining through. Such is life.

Then moving on to learn that her perfect man is not a perfect man at all. That sometimes people have a dark cloud above them but aren’t bad people either. I loved the way this book quickly moved to real life.

I, of course as of late with other project of mine such as In My Mind, loved the idea and direction of the mental state of the mother. Bringing in life and controversy, a scared child, a non perfect home. An unsteadyness to what we think will always be rock steady. Because that is life. True and true. Everybodie’s reactions were quite well played. The only thing in the end was my torn feelings of “Who Got The House” which to understand you’d have to read. And how that all played out. But in the end even that too, went where it needed to go.

I liked the involvement of who we fall in love with in the end is not always who we would have thought, who would have been on our list. Who is our style and who comes conveniently without a history that causes some awkwardness of their own.

I liked the comfort of the book and enjoyed the history of the first main characters mother. Nice touch. This author draws you right in. Very “sit in my living room, make yourself at home.” Much enjoyed for an easy enjoyable light novel read.



Adulting. The Job Hunt. Company Hiring Technique Behind The Time’s.

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Companies hiring practice is behind the times.

Another coffee with the same friend and we begin talking about the economics of jobs again.

We are both in the same standing basket, now more of a sinking one, as we had left on the last conversation of such.

Our main subject on the job-economy this time being how much it seem’s that the the hiring companies being a bit behind the time’s of catching up themselves. So it seem’s.

They still seem to hire in the aspect that the fresh college student is going to work for them for the next thirty year’s toward retirement when that is not today’s way at all, people don’t stay at the same job for thirty years anymore and really and truly most companies don’t want you to, but to start that is the tactic of which they hire you with.

In search boards some still DO use Craiglist, yet I must battle between what is a fake posting and spam and what is not.

Hiring companies I find are not utilizing LinkedIn the best of their ability by any mean’s. There are some major publications who use the posting thread most, such as Forbe’s, which is also quite easy when they post on a website, a blog which automatically posts to LinkedIn and then also social media such as Facebook. But these are big companies who talk about jobs more than they are hiring for jobs. The smaller or just, closer to home companies, are not utilizing. They arne’t blogging or posting on their websites any news or updates or too much on what their business consists of at all, in fact many have let websites go to waste altogether and many do not utilize social media in real time, up to date or at all. Many have post’s from about 2012 or 2014 when they started them up and then not any since when they felt that social media and websites are something you open, begin and then leave sitting there, like for those who when the puppy grow’s up and then becomes strictly a backyard dog.

Often I want to work for free even just to fix these items for companies that ARE interesting and good and have plenty of information to offer and share. It pains me to see the deserts that become. And this is even FREE advertising for their businesses and product’s. Not to mention most of these companies HAVE a media and marketing department. This is what makes me most frustrated.

Again , as I’ve said, the local newspapers are not utilized, LinkedIn not enough and Craiglist is a mess anymore (fifteen years ago was amazing for job and apartment hunting) does great company profiles but only with companies who use them and so this is not many in any one area. However I highly suggest it. A companies profile can be up all year round with adding any updated jobs available and really offers some insight and great advertisement for the company itself. A lot of job hiring is still happening through the who-you-know system but more and more I am seeing that the way an employee get’s in is by reaching out, company hiring or not.

However I’d love to know the companies stance on this. And I would love to see some catch-up-to-the times. I’d enjoy seeing some “Can We Get On The Same Page” between those hiring and those looking as we’ve lost that footing in this day and age.

People don’t work the same as they once did. Their job goal’s are very different. Companies don’t run the same and jobs shouldn’t hire the same as they did thirty years ago,either. As a famous singer/songerwriter once said “the time’s are a’changin.”


Book Review. Angelology.




Danielle Trussoni

Penguin Books


I purely enjoyed this book and took my time reading it. I loved that the author had to do quite a bit of research to write this and it was not just a story off the top of her head but also the concept and idea were grand. I feel that she did such a good job that I was moved to actually check things for myself. It had twists and turns and flash backs done just right. There was a little bit of a slowness and in the end you wondered how more didn’t happen between all those pages somehow but overall the book was quite well written, a good read and a recommendation book for sure. I truly learned about an author that peaked my interest in this one as well. And you can see the knowledge of her writing and of tone from where she wrote the scenes to fall on. I learned that she has a biography of the relationship between her and her father and I have added it to my 2016 reading list with eagerness. Angelolgy was a book that got you thinking…and even putting it down to read into other sources and look up theology, angel’s, religion and mythology all through out, making it end up being a slow read for me though it run’s quite smoothly. It draws you in so much and is so well written that you forget you are reading a novel and not true historic facts. An author who has done her homework well. She is also an author with a well set tool box that I, and any other, can learn from. Her dialog, poise, smoothness, characters, flash backs, research and knowledge of what she wrote are incredible. An example. Making you believe that what you read was real. Making you question. Making you think. Making you look into these things past the book just because it opened doors to wonder. Her love story is a little on the cutsy side but it is slight, light and kept not as a main part of the book which I enjoyed.

Very imaginative. And the author took you into the story so smoothly that you really saw where you where in it.

I very much look forward to reading the authors, “Falling Through The Earth.”

Island Living. Beauty in theRuin’s.


A lot of what I love to do on the island is simpy walk. One of the places that I seek inspiration is in the ruin’s in life. And though the island has done a beautiful job at repairing, rebuilding and breathing new life into old, there are still the ruin’s to be found. Rather than find this the ugly of the island, I find the beauty within the ugly. And the inspiration within the ruin’s.


Adulting. The Job Hunt. Too Many Hat’s.


Several job descriptions under one title and pay.

I’ve touched briefly on other “bumper’s” of the job-hunting adventure but one for today is about the several job description’s under one title…and one pay.

When I entered the work force fifteen years ago one had one job title with a fitting job description and a fitting pay. At time’s an extra help around the office task was given and performed but not like I am finding today by any mean’s. I don’t know if it is my move from California to Texas or the time of the economy that is the cause. I spend enough time trying to find jobs here to be spending in research of the jobs there.

Maybe you have some insight or this same happen’s in your area of the country. However I have even been invited to job’s, begged almost to work with what seem like truly amazing companies right up my alley! But to be disheartened when they send a job description under one title that can be broken into five full jobs that each take their own full time hours and deserve their own salary or pay.

One such business (Local in Galveston but I won’t name which one) sent me one like this. Also explaining that I would be paid for forty hours but work more like eighty. It was an office job, with no reason to work nights and weekends, but I was expected to be able to work my regular days and hours of set time and then stay for nights and weekends “until the job was done”, this was not a project where you might put in those hours and then have a few down weeks before the next major one came along, it was a “the same work will be there when you come back to your desk” job and never ending, finish and continue sort. The kind where you can leave at five and go home and come back the next day at eight and begin again without the world having ended, much less the company, deadlines missed or lack of time for event’s. The job also paid peanut’s and expected incredibly high education and talent from each individual. Perhaps being a fresh out of college student $23,000 and experience on a resume can be done but at thirty four and experienced and paying my own bills, it was a dud before it had a chance to be lit. Especially when I knew from public record the makings of the company to boot.

I was not disheartened as much as enraged that anybody would be so…in-human. I sent the job description as it had been sent to me to several friends across the world. Two lawyers, one in the oil business field who signed contracts all day. Another in Japan wh owned a business and hired and fired daily. A college professor who’s specialty is economic sciences and two more regular business owners as well as two H.R. Dept. Manager’s. One with extensive non=profit company work as was one f the lawyers I’d sent it to. Each sent the description back, cut into what they felt it should be, with titles added into each section as well as the salaries of their own location and from their research, the location of Houston and Galveston both. My friends also each sent their own comments. All sent back from each and every person was almost exactly the same. Broken up nearly the same (there were FIVE job description sections and even that stretched some of them a bit), titled nearly the same, salaries much higher and fitting in all of their findings and all of their comments from “move back to California if that’s how Texas is” to “this person is out of their mind” and “this should be the description of the person who sent this to you and they seem to have you doing entirely their job…what are they doing then?”

And so…I sat, knowing now, not just feeling, that it wasn’t just me.

Sadly this had not been the only one I had come across such as this , but rather one of many. that was the disheartening part.

I did give a chance, I sent back idea’s, negotiations and some self-guidelines I could work within, even being more than fair, taking on nearly three of the job descriptions but wanting the title to go with it. I wanted to work nights and weekends only if a project in the works the entailed it but otherwise preferred my strict work house to be basically strict to have my balance of life, and simply my sanity..and even just time for clean clothes! I even was willing to begin at such a low pay with the possibilities f working upward in the future under set terms. I would work outside of my fifty hours (more than the forty) but with a pay or bonus plan set up.

I was turned down for this.

A fresh out of college student was hired for the position.

I was not upset to let the opportunity of a job go. In the end that particular company offered no movement upward to begin with.


On Writing- Behind The White Gate. NaNo Novel. What’s Next?

After NaNoWriMo; Behind The White Gate. What next?

So I’ve read Stephen King’s book On Writing. I’ve spent a month coking crockpot meal’s and getting up early every day and writing with out distraction (God I love my life).

I walked away, took a break and then came back to the story two weeks later and read it again changing, fixing, adding, taking away. Editing.

Though I am still in the editing phase, along with other works in my time, I am onto thinking “Ok, what next?”

So, I have been reading Writer’s Digest, taking advice from On Writing and researching online, spending way too much time online but there are SO many resources. (I must admit Facebook makes life easy with a newsfeed I can pretty much tailor to my reading of site’s I want to follow).

And now, I am searching for Literary Agent’s. So it seem’s that is the next step for me. I will have a finished, second (or third) draft, edited (but likely still in need of some) manuscript rather than a pitch and a partial. From the way I like to work. I want to be sure I stay on track rather then feel locking myself down would “get the job done” because let’s face it, it won’t. I’d prefer to be able to say “here…in all of it’s glory…are not promises of what I say I can do…but proof…love it or leave it.” And I am preparing for some crying, some rejection…all the I want to take good critism and advice but I know each and every one will hurt me like a cattle prod regardless of my preparation of it.

But I am also learning (largely thanks to Writer’s Digest) that I have to be wary, learn, explore and research in the world of Lit. Agent’s because there can be the non-legit’s of every world. And thus, to add to my already super busy life, pile’s of daily research and much too much time spent on the internet…surfing in a not as fun as the real thing that includes water’s and possible sharks way, I have added to it…but one must dig to find the diamond’s. And so I do. Any recomendation’s? Advice? Word’s of wisdom? Feel free. It will be found greatly appreciated.