Behind The White Gate. After NaNo. In Process.


While writing, once I sat down, thinking I had the storyline pretty much set (yet I ended up with an entirely different story altogether that formed as I wrote and rather than fight it, I went with it and let it be) the characters I had planned to sketch out….but I procrastinated fully. I had sat and written about women in my life, influences. Role model’s, family…my mother and so forth, at some point before beginning.

So when the writing of Behind The White Gate actually began and the story emerged…veering very off the originally intended path, so did the characters. I didn’t predetermine a single character past Bird herself, my main. And her I knew only the basic’s…a handshake…an exchange of greeting but not even name until name came up on my screen. This story flowed into one that I felt …in love with. I was not saddened that it wasn’t my original idea as that can still be done later but is apparently not what needed to be written for me now. I love Stephen King’s talk of this in On Writing “The story wasn’t necessary for me to begin work. I had located the fossil; the rest, I knew, would consist of careful excavation.” As he speaks against pot planning and the note books full of “character notes” and the “tyranny of the outline”. At first when writing this way….wholly unprepared it seemed. Unprofessional…my concern wasn’t with the story that I loved emerging but with my professionalism and discipline as a writer…I nearly felt inadequate…and then after NaNoWriMo I began re-reading On Writing by SK again for a second time and came to pages 163 to 167 and was reassured; I am doing just fine.


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