Book Review. The Ultimate Gift.



The Ultimate Gift.

Originally written by Jim Stoval Novelization by Rene Gutteridge


Published by Thomas Nelson, Inc.


I read this one because someone gave it to me and I was soaking up anything I could read. I kept putting it off as a to cutsy kind of book and that I wouldn’t like it though until a day I’d kinda ran out of options. And I was right. It had an intended Christian religious message and that’s fine for a thirteen year old kid in that community but still I don’t understand why that message can’t get across without being corny? And even in the religious factor the dude in the end drove off in a fancy car still had his fancy apartment and all of his fancy leather couches and stuff and that just isn’t life. So on the Christian message level I feel a whole entire “yeah right well we aren’t all handed a silver platter” I mean this kid already lived off life for free and well beyond anything most of us can imagine…then he has a few months of a lesson…whoopedie fucking doo. And then he’s handed billions of dollars in the end. Dear fucking God let me build a church then that I never even attend for that kind of thing. I like that an idea of what a real gift is in any book…mentioning God or not…but why in the end and even before with just a few rough months in between is it abnormally unreal? I can’t feel the message because this book is written way too ridiculously. I guess I am just over all the ramen noodles I am currently eating. However on the actual writing…it is explained in forward that it is a first novel…before the movie, and that is where I give it relaxed due credit because it is written exactly as a first novel. I can’t fault anyone there for that tone of it as we all start somewhere. Where I do fault is in a rewrite of the novel by an experienced writer later, after the movie, by Rene Gutterbridge…then I can say it sounds like her extent as a writer is the church bulletin because I give her zero credit in the writing….Jim Stovall brought what he thought would be a nice message…he wasn’t a writer so I relax on him there. But Rene Gutterridge brought us utter garbage as a writer. No heart was put into it and all of the dialog ….isn’t. I understand that she had the perplexity to write as a movie had been written now but then….I guess it’s the director and screenwrights I will give the evil eye to and who’s shoulders hold the responsibility for an utterly flat and one dimensional piece of writing. Even at the age of nine I would have thought this book as too religiously and too cutsy.  I do, however, encourage more from Jim Stoval.


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