Behind The White Gate. After NaNo. In Process.


I chose to use NaNoWriMo in 2015 as my platform for the novel, Behind The White Gate because I was in a year of still working day-job’s….serving tables in a restaurant actually. And there was not much focus in the year. I knew I wanted to take the entire month off of work to sit and not move from writing position to do this project. Not be distracted other than meal’s in my crockpot and coffee at my side. Even my boyfriend disappeared for the entire month to give me space (as well as save his own life).

I also felt that I could really use the focus, the deadline, the goal and also the community and support, encouragement and uplifting one can find through this month. every writing site and then some spoke of NaNo daily and my facebook newsfeed had a month that if I began to procrastinate and play was a constant reminder of over one hundred posts a day in my newsfeed to get back to writing. Even meme’s on the subject (so I am not the only one).

NaNo is really a great tool for a writer. I do believe in developing a regular writing lifestyle and routine but my life at this time did not allow for it, however the month of November was my diving board to do just that and begin that lifestyle over all. I have planned NaNo into my 2016 writing plans however as I feel in a year I will likely need just that boost it will provide and I look forward to once again being a part of an amazing writing community. That encouragement at the approach of a finish line that all need at times.


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