Behind The White Gate. After NaNo. In Process. 3.


Now that the novel is (roughly) written and I’ve had some vacation time, as well as some time to get back on track of a few other projects, I sit and stare at my (in bad need of editing) novel and wonder if these pages and pages of words are any damned good at all…and what to do next?

Thankfully during and even now, after Nano my writing recources help with just exactly that! Not only that but again the encouregement to finish, edit, re-write and send it in with queries and to now DO something with this novel really help’s in the “After-High” of the write.

So currently I am in the “make it even readable” editing phase as well as preparing to share with a few other eye’s for some correction and opinion, view and help. Two strangers and two people that I know well and who also know me well. There may end up being a few other eye’s but fom the stranger’s views I want someone who doesn’t know my voice and way of speech but who can tell me if it’s still understandable. If they get it. From two that I know they know my speech and have long since learned “What Peggy means when she says…” and can give me more of a direction of (one) incredibly artistic critisism (a good friend who doesn’t hold the punches) and one who comes from a readers viewpoint but not an ounce of artistic viewpoint. And both incredibly honest opinionated people. Also weirdly, though Bheind The White Gate is pointed more in a direction of women my age these two who know me are men. Frankly…I know enough men who also read Fifty Shades Of Grey and give amazing viewpoints.

And so the research, queries and submissions and seeking of Literary Agents and Publishing begins as well as finding a final editor and my own edit’s and rewrites. Am I missing anything?

I need more coffee.


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