Book Review. An Italian Affair.


An Italian Affair Laura Fraser 2001


Published by Vintage Books a division of Random House, Inc. New York.

A memoir of a young woman in her thirties divorced after her husband left her for his highschool sweet heart.

Actually a super cute book, a good chick lit. Written a bit first time novel-ish but then again a woman my age I can see it being more the disconnect of feeling from the personal…which is her mistake. She should have waited until she was ready to let the emotion sweep into the book before writing it. I loved the blended languages and it was well done to understand…and even learn!

The book was cute, very Eat Pray Love like in a way but more down to earth and not actually as lesson giving, womanly growth as all that. I do feel the dialog and most of the writing was very flat…one must have the shadow to have the light. I wish writer’s and hope I myself remember this.

I hate, as with reading Le divorce, that the writing is very “You walk up the stairs. You decide to eat an apple.” ugh…seriously…the feel…the warmth…non-existent.

But I do like how it worked out a bit in the end of decisions, I felt that she was holding herself back with a lover hang up (one must never let a lover hold them up from real love, but I am a believer in enjoying the lover for who they are) and wanted to give her such advice. I like that he wasn’t perfect and wasn’t actual dating relationship material and this was seen. A bit more human there. Even if following true story, she saw that and I nearly cheered each time.

My favorite line was, as a divorced woman myself “But the worst of the divorce, the serious depression, is behind you. Or at least now you’re in the up-and-about phase, like walking pneumonia.”



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