Book Review. My Sister’s Keeper.


My Sister’s Keeper

Jodi Picoult

Published by

Washington Square Press



This author first of all wrote as though she lived it…she really put herself into the story as a mother without also letting the mother of the story become the hog of the spotlight or become about her at all….I even loved how she had a little bit of the weirdness the mother had developed about ordering fancy dresses, I was only disappointed that it was later forgotten and the woman was too normal and bleak in the back ground even when later is where she is actually more in the story.

This novel was not written as a first time write as many I have also read lately which I delighted in especially with a decently easy read of a book. Even on the emotional level side of life.

I like that the book left you feeling questioning yourself…what would I do?

When an author makes you question, think and wonder and even a touch of controversy always makes me tingle…they’ve done their job.

I do feel that it must be hard to write from a thirteen year old girls perspective but the author once was a thirteen year old girl and here is where I feel she failed slightly…the dialog altogether and through out the book falls flat, no depth, no shadow. I can probably remember my way of thought at thirteen better than even at twenty-three and I never would have spoken so flat even being one of very few words then. But I do like the book over all. Easy quick read, the non-perfect family. Sadly the boy who causes some major fires in a cry for help but turns around and makes himself a good guy is really a good and real life way of it…though I don’t feel that one just naturally comes off that far down the wrong path so easily but that would have all steered the story too entirely in another direction so the sort of disconnect feeling that the family nearly “kept him at a distance” was more how it frankly would have been naturally in real life. Been there. Lived that.

I think the small touches of sister-hood where good but…still felt a little bit lacking for me. The way the story turns at the end is an unexpected one and actually pretty good….I do love the way the story is closed, especially the thought of the sister and of course her real life guilt but in brief rather than going into another story or taking the focus onto herself more then rather than the way the entire book is about being the sister’s keeper, about the sister born to give.



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