Island Living.

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Galveston is a special place. I’ve been on almost every coast in the world, and every coast in the states and many large and small beach town’s and here is where I’ve been for five and a half years now.

I came to the island with incredibly different intentions as to what my life has ended up being now. But such is life and none goes according to the plan.

But one thing I do is love this island and love to share it as well

Not too long ago the Houston Chronicle had written a lovely article, helpful to those not from here, about some of what the island has to offer to do beside’s the beach. Sadly on online comments many who obviously don’t know this island, called it ugly and ghetto.

This is simply un-true and so I thought I would share my love, my insight and my very own view of the island. The best way is through pictures and in many if you watch it is also through my writing. The land your feet step on is often the land where your stories take place. The smells, the character, the spirits all seep in.

Let me start here, with this view and through out perhaps some stories to share and if you are ever on the island please contact me……for I’d love to take you for coffee, tell you about the island, share my stories and introduce you to what Galveston really is…

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