Book Review. The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style. Fashion.


The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style.

Kim France & Andrea Linett Author’s of the best-selling Lucky Shopping Manual.

Fashion “Manual” Book.

Gotham Book’s/Melcher Media.

One of the things I really liked about this book is opening with talk about how practically everyone at Lucky has an inspiration board. And that is an entire other blog post but going on with the book itself that had somehow fallen in my lap through a sister, was that I also loved the ease of the book. It was really smooth and nice to read. Well done and well put together with the book broken into sections of certain styles from Bohemian to Euro-Chic and the easy Californian look as well among others. I really enjoyed the Artsy section myself. The book had what should basically simply be in any woman’s closet basic’s all around and what is nice is that with ease each of these looks could all be in one woman’s closet.

I love the take the work out of it pairings that included shoes…for one thing I find that many great looks found in magazines or “wear-this” tutorials often leave out the shoes…which is the best part! It even included a lot of where-to-shop which I loved since I am often left wondering where the hell women even REALLY shop anyway.

I think Kim France and Andrea Linette, both long in the fashion publication’s businesses, did a beautiful job and included real women in this book. It’s a great simple book to have on every woman’s fashion book shelf.



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